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Hello game developers from

I haven't done a serious survey in a long time, I want to ask you a question...

If you have a choice to make the next game and this choice consists of several game options of different genres and you will need the same amount of time to create a demo of any of them.

How do you make this choice? What questions do you answer yourself?

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@maxim Is one more commercially viable?

Which is likely to hold my interest over the years of development?

Which will be cheaper to make (so I can start a new game if it fails to sell well)?

Pretty standard issues.

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@maxim generally I look at which will be easier to market. Not necessarily audience (though that's part of it), literally just "how am I going to market this game? Do I think I can do it well?".

I tend to go with the option I can market most easily.

maxim, avatar

@glassbottommeg yes, that makes a lot of sense, that's what I'm thinking too

ancientpixel, avatar

@maxim I probably would create a super minimal prototype (one feature /minimal viable game loop) for each of them and gauge how much fun they are.
You can write down how much you want to add and how inspiring each prototype is to do more.

And then do the one which works best.

maxim, avatar

@ancientpixel Well, if you understand the points that both games are equally interesting, you have to choose one, then what questions do you ask yourself to choose? 🧐

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