anyone else enjoying 'Scavengers Reign' as much as i am? it feels like i've been waiting years for a show like this—like a fully animated weird/horror sci-fi in pure Moebius animation. it's beautiful so far!


Chancerubbage, avatar

@sethkinkaid @harriorrihar It simply appears Japanese to me, from that still. I haven’t seen Jean Giraud captured in animation much yet. Heavy Metal missed the mark, some Sesame Street bumpers grazed the atmosphere, as I suppose Fantastic Planet did. The stuff I see going there seems to go for meditative Moebius but there were different energy levels to Moebius.

What would Aeon Flux remind you of?

harriorrihar, avatar

@Chancerubbage @sethkinkaid

Well, for something to be completely Moebius, maybe it would have to be Moebius. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Chancerubbage, avatar

@harriorrihar @sethkinkaid

That birb flying about in that shot, very reminiscent. Mushrooms coulda been anybody though.

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