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PHP core devs when they write on the internals mailing list:

"We should cease defiling our beautiful language with compact() and extract() and variable variables! PHP is too great to permit such abominations!"

PHP core devs when they write code:

ptr ## __ptr
ZEND_MAP_PTR_DEF(type, name) \
type * ZEND_MAP_PTR(name)

CHECK_RGBA_RANGE(component, name, argument_number) \
if (component < 0 || component > gd##) { \

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@TimStarling Most people that write on the internals list are not core developers.

Secondly, C is a shit language, and php-src is very suboptimal.

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@Girgias Sure, to be fair, the ZEND_MAP_PTR macro is by Dmitry whose code tends to be brutally pragmatic, and I don't see him on the lists asking for rough edges to be filed down even if it would make his job easier. I can relate since I lean more towards the pragmatic end of that axis (elegance being the other end), although I wish he'd write a comment every once in a while.

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@TimStarling Same Tim same.

Frankly, adding comments feels like the main thing I tell people to do when doing code reviews.

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