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“‘I would absolutely not fly a Max airplane,’ said Ed Pierson, a former Boeing senior manager. ‘I’ve worked in the factory where they were built, and I saw the pressure employees were under to rush the planes out the door. I tried to get them to shut down before the first crash.’

‘I would tell my family to avoid the Max. I would tell everyone, really,’ said Joe Jacobsen, a former engineer at Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration.”

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This should help folks avoid them

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@jernej__s @aral

Yea…Hopefully they work it out…in the meantime:
(I use the Flighty app to manage my flights which also shows the type of plane)

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@aral how can you avoid them? You have no idea what specific plane the airline (eg Ryanair) will schedule for the flight you book months or weeks ahead.

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@Virginicus They ran out of traffic quota and are paused. I found on that my flight is on an Airbus A320 👍


@ExcelAnalytics Sic Semper anything useful. 😢

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    @junesim63 Yeah, it would mean never being able to see my parents again. But we can start by banning private planes. And ocean cruises and container ships while we’re at it. And maybe state subsidies for fossil fuels. Something tells me that’d make a considerable dent in the problem. (I won’t hold my breath.)

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    @junesim63 (Did I mention militaries? Because also militaries. Their sizable contributions aren’t even factored in as far as I can tell. National security and all.)

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    @aral Last trip overseas that Biden took, his big effort was to sell Boeing Max`s. Really

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    @aral just capitalism killing people again...

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    @Vonskinnback Indeed. Innovation is finding new ways to kill you while making Whitey McWhite richer.

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