Horror fans: Haha this traumatized me for years, wanna watch?


I just watched this movie in it’s entirety for the 1st time, a month ago. It took me 3 "Yea, NOPE"s to successfully get thru the scene where the two are stuck in the narrow passage and the Earth shifts. I still cringe thinking about it.


I watched that movie when it came out and i didn't get anything out of it. I recently rewatched it and i noped so often out.


The Descent scared the sh*t out of me. That one jumpscare was so unexpected and so intense that my body couldn’t even react to it, I just got massive chills all the way through without moving. It was surreal. Letting your kid watch this is just insane

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I had the same experience when i watched it. The uncanny feeling lingered for a few days.

But, idk … For me, it was a mistake to watch it again. Knowing what to expect, i paid more attention to everything else and i didn’t like it, i don’t remember why exactly.


There being 2 endings didn’t help my mind when I watched it a second time and had a completely different experience… I was like, wtf, I know this is the same movie, but why do I feel so very different.

Ugh fuck just about everything about this movie. It was a masterpiece.

Let’s put extremely normal and relatable people into a pretty normal situation with pretty good intentions, then let’s have them do a somewhat risky hobby in a somewhat stressful environment, then let’s have normal reactions to some pretty fucked up, high stress situations, then let’s fucking have some pretty fucked up relationship stuff come out and some pretty understandable reactions to it, then let’s add some fucking fucked up fucking fuck fucks who may or may not be human and may or may not be looking to eat or just getting off on fucking people up. And then let’s have just the tiniest but it reminder of normalcy fuck up everything that wasn’t fucked before. And then you don’t know which ending you’re getting, and you don’t know which one is technically better for the characters.


Well now I kinda wanna watch it, even tho I’m not really into horror… that many uses of the word fuck in one paragraph -has- to mean something 😜

It’s already on my Plex so I guess now’s a good time!


Out of all the horror movies Ive ever watched, its my absolute favorite. It’s truly one of the best “horror” movies you will ever watch. The dread is so well done. The jump scares are well paced and actually add to the story. It’s fantastic and lingers with you for awhile.

My other favorites of all time, is the first tape from V/H/S, the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nope, The Poltergeist, The Ring, Juon (White Ghost, Specifically).


It was really hard to watch through the land shift scene. I’m super claustrophobic. Reading wiki articles about spelunkers getting stuck is enough for panic attacks. I stopped right before the shift (fortune), and right after to recover. After that I did fine with it. It was very well done.

I didn’t find the jump scares to be very impactful, but maybe it’s because I was anticipating those and was more interested in the rest of it? Or the panic burned out my jump scare receptor lol

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I didn’t know about the 2 versions. Hmm, gonna see if i find the other version, you’ve got me hooked up. Both times i saw the same version, but i guess there is no “happy” ending. It can’t, really.

sigh, my claustrophobia already makes me gasp for air when i watch documentaries with people in tight caves. Here we go again.


My parents let me stay up to watch Arachnophobia when I was about 6. That movie absolutely fucked me up for the longest time, and it’s probably why to this day I’m absolutely terrified of bugs and spiders.


Umm… trigger warning, I guess, but the best way to fight fears that you know to be somewhat irrational is information and exposure. This guy, www.youtube.com/ , has very deep and detailed videos about the spiders you are most likely to meet, along with some cool pressure tests of said spiders showing that they really just want to be left alone rather than hunt you.

I liked spiders to begin with (except for the jerks that spin a single invisible strand at head-height in front of my door every morning), but his videos do a good job of giving them character and making them into cute eight-eyed goofballs instead of super predators.


“The Tunnel” 2011 is scary.


Sometimes it works out, though!

From a very early age, my parents let me watch increasingly scary stuff thinking I’d eventually hit a limit on what I could handle, but I feel like even as a youngster I was pretty aware that it was not real. Never got nightmares or anything like that. Horror movies and scary sci-fi movies were always my favorites and I still love them to this day.


Pet sematary did this to me

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Gremlins here.


The original one? I still remember that little hand reaching out from under the bed to slice Jud Crandalls Achilles tendon. That and the scene where she’s forced to take care of her disabled sister fucked with me for years. Real disturbing stuff for some reason, 10/10.

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Descent and its sequel (though cursed by virtue of being a sequel) were great. In general, women-led horror movies are awesome when done right, like having women in characters who self actualize instead being used as a filler or sideshow.

Some others include Ginger Snaps (and its second movie), Alien (don’t like the sequels), Scream, and Piggy (2022). Evil Dead as a franchise does not have a female lead (I am not that familiar with this franchise), but Evil Dead Rise was executed really well, and worked on many levels.

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Yeah what I want out of a good entertaining Friday night film is shallow in your face Hollywood pandering on female empowerment and gender equality. It just makes for such a good cinematic experience.

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You’d like “behind the mask the rise of leslie vernon”. That’s one of the core themes.


Evil Dead is… not the first title that comes to mind when discussing feminism. Too much tree branch rape.

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Cabin in the Woods also has questionable use of female characters, but like Scream it was attempting commentary, so it works. Were older Evil Dead movies also doing similar kind of meta horror genre commentary?


I’m not a huge horror fan but Cabin in the Woods was a fantastic movie.


Not really, the first evil dead just has a particularly egregious scene involving a handsy tree.

The series as a whole is fantastic and evil dead 2 and army of darkness are barely horror movies.

The first movie still has its merits and raimi has gone on record stating that he regrets the tree scene.


Evil Dead Rise is a new cast. No Ash


Watched the original “Chucky” when I was like 10. had nightmares for WEEKS

Thermal_shocked, (edited )

my sister was deathly afraid of it, going as far as trashing any doll that looked like him. troll doll with red hair? nope, trash.

however, she watched that fucking movie every morning before school when she was like 6. wore that vhs tape out.

i personally loved the first 3, didn’t get past that. the series is meh, couldn’t get past episode 4 knowing that bitch lexy survives for 21 episodes, don’t have it in me to watch her at all.


I also saw the original Chucky movie when I was a kid at a slumber party. I spent a lot of time helping my friend’s mom make popcorn.

Fast forward to my early 20s. A friend’s 5yo found a Chucky doll at the thrift store. Oh, the poor baby’s hurt! I want to take care of the baby and make it better! So her mom buys it for her and she took it EVERYWHERE. I gave that situation sooooo much side eye, I was not ok. The 5yo had zero idea of the context and loved that “hurt baby”. My friend made it clear to us that we couldn’t explain it to her.


Close Encounters of the Third Kind terrified me as a kid. Not because of the alien shit, but because the thought of a vacuum turning on and running by itself was just the most horrific thing I could imagine.


Not to scare you, but those vacuums exist.


Meow meow?

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I didn’t realize my cat had a Lemmy account.


Me and you both.


I need help finding a horror movie (at least I think it was a horror movie, maybe horror/comedy). The ending has a woman kissing a big furry monster.


Beauty and the beast


Truly terrifying piece of animation.


You’re thinking of Sesame Street.

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Star Wars


For me it was gremlins, I was like 8. The end scene with the one that pops out of the fountain, that shit scared the living fuck outta me.

Also being forced to go see Lost Boys with my sister at 10 years old while sick with the flu, because my parents had a date and didn’t want to reschedule or some shit. That movie wasn’t THAT scary, but when you already feel like absolute shit…

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Wow I thought I was alone. Gremlins scarred me as a child.


Corey Haim is utterly terrifying in Lost Boys. Truly demonic performance.

Ultraviolet, (edited )

Gremlins was actually a huge part of the reason for the PG-13 rating, alongside Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The G rating was starting to gain a stigma for childishness so kids’ movies would throw in a damn or hell to get a PG rating, and movies that almost but didn’t quite cross the threshold for R landed in PG alongside them. This added up to parents thinking “hey it’s PG, so it’s family-friendly”, and ended up with traumatized kids.


Split second is the horror movie I saw way too early in my life. I can’t remember the circumstances but I may have been 4-5 seeing a particularly scary scene in the basement of my grandparents house.

Descent would have fucked me up, the claustrophobia messed with me seeing it as an adult.


There were two that really left me scarred in retrospect.

There was this weird 70s or early 80s movie and this scene with these doll things coming to life in this small quarters… like a genie bottle or some alien ship… I think there was like satin and shit… and the doll things had these sharp teeth and started biting this woman trapped in there… and they all swarm her and overcome her… 35 yrs later… if anyone knows the name… Please help?

The Accused… saw that way too early.

Oh, and the song Hungry Eyes…


Not at all but wtf was that?! Lol


amazing horror series from the 80s/90s


I think the film you are thinking of with the dolls is Barbarella (1968).


OMG decades of wonder and I’ve heard the name of this film a billion times let alone the Scott Weiland song.

Just watched the clip. So I remember there being more dolls and it being more closed in like the lamp in I Dream of Genie. But the image of the stocking ripping and the wound looks familiar.

Terror as a child. Campy af and no wonder mom had no idea it was scarring, as an adult.


Regarding the doll coming to life movie, was it [Trilogy of Terror](Trilogy of Terror g.co/kgs/gKb1fTb)? My wife and I vividly recall this movie from our childhood and it definitely scared the crap out of me. The movie was a collection of 3 stories but the one with the doll is the only one people seem to remember.


This looks ridiculous! But no it has a ton of dolls

h0p3, (edited )


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    I also found it very scary as a kid, though I haven’t rewatched it later to know if it still feels like a horror film.


    You found one! I also had to be carried out of the queue for the ET ride at Universal Studios because I was too frightened

    dustyData, (edited )

    Spielberg used a lot of horror coded cinematography on E.T. During the film it flip flops a little between horror and family joyful. So much that in theory it shouldn’t work. But when you are dealing with an extraterrestrial being or being manhandled by government scientists and military it is hard not to feel scared, and he conveyed that by showing that for a small child it would be absolutely terrifying. The 80s has a lot of films like this, where marketing and production were confused about whether they wanted these movies to be aimed at children or not. This gave us Gremlins, Terminator, Robocop and others that combined adult jokes, extreme gore and violence, cynic satire, but also toys tie ins, family fun sanitized trailers and marketing, and toy selling TV cartoons. If anything, E.T. is the tamest of the lot and is definitely, decidedly aimed at family audiences. I blame cocaine.

    ADD: Just remembered all the sex innuendos and mortgage jokes in Ghostbusters.


    Recently watched this with my kids after not seeing it since being a kid myself. My pet theory is that it’s about coping with the death of a grandparent. When the scientists take E.T. away and hook him up to all the machines, it’s like the experience of seeing grandma or grandpa in intensive care with tubes, ventilators, etc. We see things through the kid’s eyes and there is a vague sense that the scientists are supposed to be trying to keep E.T. alive, but it looks like they are killing him.

    In the end, the beloved companion E.T. goes up into the sky but says he will always be with Elliot in a sense (my memories of this part are pretty vague, but I think there was some message along these lines). Maybe this is just my personal experience, but it really brought back memories of going to see my grandparents in hospitals that were kind of threatening to me as a kid, and the idea that your relative is up in heaven now.

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    Can’t it just be about an extraterrestrial trying to get home?

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