Jerb322, avatar

Me after a week vacation…


Me after 5 years of retirement on my death bed

NovaPrime, avatar

Aaah, the sweet sweet release of death


And they say kids have nothing to hope for… at least capitalism hasn’t conquered death yet!

Jerb322, avatar

You know what a funeral costs?


I suppose I am fortunate that I do not. But I meant from the perspective of the deceased.

Good point though

halfway_neko, avatar

I don’t want to think about the alternative. o_o


The game Hardspace: Shipbreaker gives a firsthand experience of this with the EverWork ^™ program.


30 minute paid breaks, 8-10 hours of sleep, and three days weekends went a long way for me.

Sadly I go salary soon and I’ll be on the M-F grind for the next thirty ish years ideally.

Seriously though. 4 day weeks at 40 hours is great. 4 day weeks at 32 hours is ideal. I’m already getting in regular trouble for mentioning it as much as I can just to get others excited for it.


You guys are sleeping and don’t have chronic insomnia?


We do, but every once in a while you get lucky.

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