For people who claim to be so anti fascist, they don’t know shit about the history of appeasement with austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland.

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Something I don't understand how people can correctly identify NATO propaganda dismissing war crimes and western imperialism... and then immediately turn around and uncritically consume Russian & Chinese propaganda dismissing war crimes and imperialism. Do these people have any actual moral positions or are they just contrarians?

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Something I don't understand how people can correctly identify NATO propaganda dismissing war crimes and western imperialism...

Can they, though? Western Imperialism is when West does something, and the more West does, the Imperialism-er it is. They get positives for the same reason that answering all Cs on a multiple choice test won't net you a 0. "You're correct, but only because your answer never changes."


The way that comment is wrong on so many levels is very indicative on their general stance towards everything. They must get very surprised when they occasionally pop out into the real world and experience how nothing corresponds to their ideas about it.


Like they’d be the only people in history to reject clear and incontrovertible evidence. Self-delusion is the human condition.


It makes me feel like humanity as a whole will never achieve what it should, no matter how much time passes. No post-scarcity utopia, no interstellar travel, none of it. And all because there’s a part of us that rationalises and delights in causing pain to each other. Sad.


I don’t think these pro-Russia accounts are real unbiased people. Its bots and propagandists purely. Ignore these useless fucks imo.


I’ve been on the internet… fuck, almost 20 years. I’m getting old. Unfortunately, my history with these tankie fucks suggests to me that they’re serious and genuine - or at least, not just bots and propagandists. Human NPCs, contrarians, the occasional deluded paranoiac who believes every source is lying to them…


What a shitheel. They’re trying to justify imperialism with realpolitik, but they’re not even doing a good job of it. The third option is that other countries help out Ukraine against a crazed imperialist. It won’t be easy, but right now, Ukraine retaining its sovereignty looks actually likely.

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Honestly, at this point, Ukraine losing its sovereignty hasn't been an option for a while. Especially considering how international organizations have opened up to Ukraine and how deeply anti-Russian Ukrainian popular sentiment has become. The question is whether they'll lose territory, or regain it.

PugJesus, (edited )
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All of this was just on one thread that Hexbear brigaded. There was much, much more, but honestly, I have neither the time nor the patience to tread through tankie shit like that, where the only driving motive is some 4chan-esque contrarianism pointed left instead of right.

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This is overwhelmingly the common opinion held by Hexbear users, or some variation thereof. I'm posting this as a reminder for when Ukraine inevitably doesn't surrender, because Jesus Christ, that was no longer an option after like, week 2 of the war.

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