Can we still follow through with defederating them? This is definitely a ploy so they can start back up whenever they want.


The admins don’t have plans on defederating.



@ikidd@lemmy.world avatar

Yah, saw that they locked down your vote on that, then made some sort of “why can’t we all just get along” comment to rub it in.

And said something about the admin over there trying to work along with them on reducing the dunking. Yet that same admin is in another thread on hexbear assuring people that they are certainly not trying to reduce dunking in other servers, and saying basically “go for it”.

Pretty silly. Glad my server has defed from the shitbirds.


Yeah, not really the best way

@Snowpix@lemmy.ca avatar


For anyone curious about what that admin said.


I just looked through their profile and couldn’t find that comment. Did they delete it or something?

@Snowpix@lemmy.ca avatar

Most likely. Can’t leave evidence of enabling shitty behaviour. This is a screencap from a thread where that admin was telling them to stop flooding meta posts on other instances that were considering defederating from them. I think it was Blahaj or Beehaw. One of those.

@ikidd@lemmy.world avatar

THanks, I had no idea how to find that again.


Seems really fishy to me. TheDude defederated from Lemmygrad with zero community input, based on his own personal convictions. Now the admin team agrees to let in a rabid userbase of tankies, imaqtpie calls them a “valuable asset” in response to calls for defederation, and they actively get in the way of our attempts to organize a discussion/vote to defederate. Things feel different and not in a good way.


Thank fuck. Good riddance.


FYI, these super wide screenshots of text make it difficult to read on small/narrow screens (anyone using lemmy on their phone?)


Yeah impossible to read on jerboah - doesn’t allow pic zoom (on my phone anyway)


Even if there is an option to zoom, it’s difficult because to read the text you have to scroll sideways in small steps for each line


A side note, but I hate how reactionary is bad. You’re supposed to react to new situations and information.

FaceDeer avatar

I think the context here is along the lines of Newton's "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." Meaning reactionaries are people who oppose new things and want stuff to go back to "the way things were" before that new thing came along. Probably the opposite of what you mean by "reacting to new situations and information."


Reactionary means always being against what your opponents support.

Like conservatives opposing anything liberals support for example. Not because they think the policy is bad per se, but because they believe they must oppose liberals no matter what.


Lol this is the second time in a month they’ve done the “you can’t fire me I quit” thing


and it won’t be the last :(


Adios 👋 you will not be missed


Lol, I knew they’d run away like the buncha pussies they are. Glad they aren’t going to show up en mass anymore and derail threads with their bitching.


Heh, good riddance. They’re SUPER fucking annoying, and I’ve seen pretty much zero examples of their userbase contributing in a meaningfully positive way to discussions on any instance, including their own.


I have met about 3 normal reasonable people there, everyone else I’ve seen just barges in to every conversation and says meaningless annoying nonsense.

@altima_neo@lemmy.zip avatar

All I ever get from their instance are posts about them complaining about other instances complaining about them. Like damn, take a hint you guys.


One of them sent me a private message:

your grandfather was a nazi scumfuck that deserves to die

Nice people.

And my grandfather was not German, he lived in an actual communist country and hated it.


im very sorry to hear that. Can you share that message? Like a screenshot?

@_Sprite@lemmy.world avatar

most rational twitter user


Well, the fact that she thinks “trans lesbians from the USA” would not be sent to a gulag shows how smart she is.


they always forget that the soviet union was perfectly fine with nazi germany until nazi germany didn’t share poland

ImFresh3x, (edited )

I only clicked on a few of their posts. One was literally a bunch of people saying Biden is a pussy for not drone striking 80k people at burning man. For people who really eschew civility like that they seem really sensitive in this post.

Delicate internet bullies.




They are either very committed trolls or totally off their rockers. I don’t think which option is more disturbing. The smallest disagreement means you’re a Nazi who deserves to die.

MonsieurHedge, (edited )
MonsieurHedge avatar

I don't know how someone posts something that aggressively asshole-ish and then doesn't understand why everyone defederates them.

It doesn't kill to be at least slightly polite to people.



Looks like they’re still federated with us. Is the instance list automatically updated?


I don’t think they’re federated with blahaj.zone and pawb.social but they are still on the list. That said, I’m pretty sure the pawb.social defederation was on our end and not on hexbear’s, so that might be why it’s still there. I was almost sure hexbear and blahaj.zone both defederated from each other though.


They plan on defederating later


I’m not one to spew abelist and homophobic slurs, but if it makes the tankies leave faster I’ll do my best.


No you will not

HootinNHollerin, (edited )
@HootinNHollerin@sh.itjust.works avatar

I’ll believe it when it happens. Why would anyone believe what they say?


Am I reading this right that Hexbear is defederating with sh.itjust.works?

I’m pleased to hear the good news.


Everyone that disagrees with them is a Nazi yet they actively deny the ongoing genocide of Uyghers.


Everyone who disagrees with them is a transphobe yet they had several posts agreeing with China’s ban on Trans people, sterilization and murder.

@altima_neo@lemmy.zip avatar

Yeah I don’t get that? Why are they constantly complaining about transphobia all the time? Yet I never see any.


They’re basically using Fox new republican logic of screaming about how everyone who doesn’t agree with them is persecuting them and is a bigot about spins wheel of things they like to call people.

PugJesus avatar

tbf I do definitely see transphobia pop up around the Fediverse, it's just generally downvoted.


Because it’s simply a cudgel to use against other sections of the left "Oh you haven’t completely purged any and all bigotry from your movement? Guess we’re gonna have to act smug and call you a piece of shit. "

And then “No no no, please don’t look at Marxist Leninists track record on LGBT rights” or “No way, there’s no genocide in Xinjiang”

@pleasemakesense@lemmy.world avatar

nothing makes sense or is consistent in their beliefs, it’s a miracle they don’t go into a spasm feom cognitive dissonance


It’s like labeling CCP critics “racist”

Oh well I guess I’m being racist to myself for criticizing a regime that tried to kill me.

Just tankie logic


Lot of $20 words in there mixing with chud.

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