Tankies are just awful contrarians at heart. Hate em all.


Meanwhile, some on the right wing in the US are calling for the annihilation of Gaza, and Israel has been indiscriminatly killing Palestinian civilians for a long time. What Hamas did was horrific, but this attack does not exist in a vaccuum, and there are literally mainstream politicians calling for the death of civilians right now


And that behaviour is disgusting for US politicians. Typical for them.

I’m not a fan of Israel, nor am I a fan of Palestine, both kill journalists, both beat queers on the street, and both lack democracy.

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The far right hates both and wants both destroyed.


The far right hates the Jewish people and is also reflexively pro-Israel

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Perhaps the people who support a Jewish state and the people who hate Jewish folk aren’t one in the same.


In the US, there is a large contingent of the political right who believe both of these things

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They hate Jewish people and Muslim people. They are cheering for conflict, not for a specific side.


No, they are absolutely pro-Israel, and constantly use their unwavering support for Israel as a bludgeon against their political opponents who have a more nuanced view

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It’s pretty easy to see what their opinions are by looking at /pol/.


Show me evidence that the far right are pro Israel, because I’ve seen plenty of nazis and far right losers cheer for Palestine


Donald Trump


Visit /pol/


In the USA the fascist evangelicals support Israel because the Left Behind novel series posits that the return of Christ rests on all the Jews dying in a war with Russia.


The right in general has always been pro-Isreal, even while being anti-jew in many other contexts. The fact that the far right happens to show up anti-jew in more more contexts doesn’t really change that.

Heavy leaning conservatives have always had the ability to hold opposing viewpoints at the same time in a way the left hasn’t quite been able to grasp. At least not to that extent. The left can be just as hypocritical, but they tend to tie themselves down a bit by feeling as though they have to be able to somehow explain why their viewpoints don’t conflict while the right just changes the subject.


The religious nuts want the jews to completely own Jerusalem because that’s a prerequisite for the end of the world. In that instance, they fully support Israel. The far right in general kinda likes Israel because it’s a modern ethnostate and apartheid state.


The religious evangelical Christian nuts want this because of the “Left Behind” series. The overwhelming majority of Christians are Roman Catholics and do not require the Jews in Israel to die to bring about the second coming.

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There are non-religious people on the right as well. The far right hate Jewish and Muslim people and are cheering on the conflict without picking a side because they view it as their enemies destroying each other.


I don’t know why you’re being downvoted, because you’re right


And literally believe in the end of days as something desirable


Much of the modern far right are economic right or anti-education right, looking for an authority figure to put them above the other guys. I don’t think they care about the end of the world as long as it’s at least 2 days after they die and the folks ending the world give them special treatment until that day.


Oh no! Zionists facing the consequences of their actions! The comeuppance alone! How tragic!



“actually that never happened!”

“yes it did”

“well they deserved it”

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narcissist's prayer


Nationalist’s prayer

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These are tankies? From looking at comments on a few news stories, I just assumed that most people on Lemmy hated Israeles (remember, you can disagree with a government without cheering when any of the governed get murdered).


They are tankies, yes. Most of the content on this community is from Lemmygrad or Hexbear, extremist instances that encourage violence and bigotry.


Disgusting. Additional reasons to ban hexbear


you can’t ban instances, dude!


Are the moderators of individual communities not able to ban or defederate instances from their sub? I can see arguments either way but instance admins should be able to ban them.


You can defederate them

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"All Israelis are enemy combatants" is some real high-level brainrot. Jesus Christ.


Tankies try not to justify genocide (impossible)

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this attack on the Rave is obviously the work of Wagner PMC.. this is exactly what they do.. and this online activity by "tankies" is also them..


No wonder I got the usual immature insults spammed by ruzzian keyboard warriors when I commented on a news video covering the war in Israel

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    Not appropriate. Rape shouldn’t be your punchline, please edit

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