I like the wood spacer. What did you use for that?

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It’s small pieces of solid wood from a mystery box of mostly lathe turning blanks. Pretty sure it’s just red oak, but that fits the vaguely 80s vibe on that build perfectly. I trimmed them to size on my table saw and jointer, but I may eventually redo them, as the fitment (on both boards actually) is just a bit off.

wjrii, (edited )
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More pics at GH starting HERE.

When I had xometry cut my plate for the one in the back, it was pretty cheap to have them cut three sets compared to one. Tried a few different ideas on build two. Tactile switches, "CSA" keycaps, 3D printed sides at 3-degree incline, and springs supporting the middle of the plate. This one is pretty flexy, but still feels secure. I don't think it's going to replace my clicky boi full of Box Navies though.

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