Let me just throw QA into the ring as well. If anyone would report you to HR, it’s someone in a QA position, or your direct manager. The difference is that your manager needs you to work your position. The QA person needs to find flaws.


Just here to say Omelette du fromage.


I’m just here to say: It’s all you can saaay, it’s all you can saaaaaaaay!


Reporting abuse from a boss to HR is like reporting cop abuse to the cops.

popemichael, avatar

This is the truth. I was being abused by a boss of mine, with him demanding to know the whole of my medical history. He also demanded doctor excuses go directly to him, and not HR as I was told,

Needless to say, HR shared that I was bitching about him and he messed up my desk, breaking an ornament and a knickknack that was precious to me at the time (I got it on honeymoon). I took photos, and HR even saw him near my desk at the time of all of that happened

It took a major civil suit to get the video, but after the judge saw it ‘my case was won’ according to the judge. It was so obvious of evidence of him breaking stuff, spitting on my chair, snapping my laptop.

I even got special consideration because my boss then gave me a laptop that was so old that I couldn’t load the required VPN software.

I’m glad I got out of a corporate run tech field. It’ll eat your soul without you noticing until it’s too late…

iHUNTcriminals, (edited )

It pays to stay and wait to move up… /S

15 Years later… no worthy raises (but plenty of employees of the month…) New employees start at my same pay… Plus suicidal depression…

Fuck America’s capitalism game.

I spent 15 years at the job and people were still getting put on as new employees for my wage while I was also getting employee of the week.

That type of bullshit and abuse is worth war. And one day the abusers will get what they deserve working blindly for evil. It’s no better than gang work.

And fuck unions… That’s still some bullshit on the cuff fix. We need more. War.

BlinkerFluid, avatar

the business



And those interests sometimes align with yours! Typically when the company is legally in the wrong and they know they are fucked if you sue em


Yeah, but the HR people rely on paycheques from corporate. And corporate often has enough resources to make legal battles difficult at best.

Even if their interests are aligned with you, they probably won’t have a job at the end


Corporate’s interests isn’t to enter losing legal battles

iltoroargento, avatar

But you can win by outspending…

ezchili, (edited )

Hard sell, but also outspending isn’t in corporates interests either so I don’t know what you’re getting at

If you have the threat of a losing, uphill and costly legal battle, the company is gonna be on the side of… having it not happen

It’s always the bottom line

Unless you’re being harassed by the chairmen of the board, the company likely won’t risk a big scandal and legal expense to protect your local middle management diddler

iltoroargento, (edited ) avatar

I’m talking about outspending on defense and offering settlements. It doesn’t take much to exhaust a wage slave’s capacity to keep a suit going, even pretrial.

There’s a reason most cases settle before trial. The judicial system heavily incentivizes settlement and corporations can spend more on lawyers than their employees can.

The employee’s lawyer is also gauging the cost benefit to their own time spent on the case, so the client/employee ends up getting shafted.

Of course, if there is a really egregious case, like you’re envisioning, that can go farther down the road, but it’s still an uphill battle for the plaintiff.

Edit: All this isn’t even taking into account the fatigue plaintiffs go through, waiting for their cases to even get in front of a judge can take some serious time and then a trial can be even lengthier.


Depends, if you’re working for the state anyways. Typically, at least from what I’ve seen, HR people in state departments are usually the ones telling you to join a union.

That being said, I joined the union and I still treat HR like they have the plague.

iltoroargento, avatar

This is a distinction I had to explain thoroughly when communicating with people in state jobs. It’s genuinely different. Mainly because of the added oversight.


HR is there to hire you and fire you, even their title is creepy, Human Resources


even their title is creepy, Human Resources

The only appropriate use of the term is when your cat is talking about you to other cats…

NegativeLookBehind avatar

Used to know someone who titled themselves a “Human capital specialist” on LinkedIn. What a weird fucking thing to call yourself.

jackpot, avatar

maybe deep down he was so hate fueled he decided to partake in satire

NegativeLookBehind avatar

She was very serious about her job and had a Karen haircut.

jackpot, avatar

is it sexist towards men or women i assumed she was a man LMFaO

NegativeLookBehind avatar

Idk but I’m reporting you to HR.

ICastFist, avatar

The human capital specialist will speak to your manager and see you in court


I feel so bad for women named Karen who aren’t bitches. It doesn’t seem fair.

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