No. I had all the links from the beginning.

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12 units of imperialism. Use metric.

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As much as I hate paper products check the total square footage and weight vrs price to help make your decision. It’s literally on the package.


The only question that really matters for toilet paper is “texture”. If you have to start worrying about how much you’re spending on toilet paper get a bidet and a better diet.

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It’s just meaningless marketing.


We need a new metric standard. Introducing the 💩.

112.6 standard rolls = 1k💩


As gemers nexus put it “Bigger number better”




Hmm is the average toilet paper roll empty?


If you account for all rolls that ever existed, it’s pretty close to empty


All these brands talking about how much length of tp there is, but they’re cutting the width. So now tp rolls are stumpy and small


Bro, rolls are TINY now. They used to fill up the width of my holder, and now they fill up less than 60%. They’ve just cut off 40% of the product lol.


Just floss your cheeks, bro.


I find it scary that some people are afraid to do simple arithmetic and the most basic geometry…


Do you not see the made up measurements?

  • Mega Plus
  • Rolls
  • Double Plus
  • Super Mega
  • Regular

You’d have to sit there for 8 minutes converting all of the “measurements”, figure out how much is in each package, and then only after doing it for all rolls and brands, you’ll be able to compare.

Easy math, but takes time. No one said it’s hard. It’s just time consuming.


There is no standard roll of toilet paper so it’s impossible to compare that way between brands. That’s why everyone says to look at how many square feet are in the package.


Just pick the ply you want and look at the sq.ft. of the roll. Odds are you want the most length per roll.


Paper towel crowd is just as evil.


Toilet paper is just small paper towels that don’t scratch your butt


Now splinter free!


This is why you always have to show your units!


I can show you my unit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Hey nowwww

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Hey nowwww🎶


You’re an all star




It usually says price per total area, but this whole thing is why I just buy the recycled ones. If someone’s going to cheat me it may as well be for a good cause.

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Yeah but then the store uses different measurements on all the price tags so you need a fuckin calculator to actually compare them.


This is why we need an ISO Toilet Paper Standard.

velox_vulnus, (edited )

Or just buy a bidet spray. Simple to install, no waste of paper and you can control the angle without having to touch the crevices.

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Are you walking away with wet butt? I have to dry with at least 2 squares post bidet

velox_vulnus, (edited )

Bidet towel? Just clean the bottom real good and all you have to do is just pat-dry it. Am I going to meet more people who aren’t aware of this?


Many people ain’t aware oft bidets and most of those who do know them assume they only exist in Japan or in Japanese toilets


Many more people yes. Bidets and their concepts are not well known in most of western countries.


You have a towel covered in poop just chilling in your bathroom and call it normal.

velox_vulnus, (edited )
  • The jet spray from a bidet removes shit thoroughly from the ass cracks. Since bidets are effective at cleaning, it should not leave any poop stains.
  • You don’t use them while sitting. After you’re done with ass-washing, you get up from the toilet seat and dry your butt.
  • You’re not supposed to rub it, unless you want a bloodied, dangling rectum. It is used to absorb water, because the debris has already been dealt with by the bidet.
  • People shit only once or twice per day. The towel is replaced after 12 hours, or sometime even after every use, so what’s exactly wrong with it?
  • It isn’t supposed to be shared. I mean, you wouldn’t share a hanky or a body towel with someone else, would you?
  • Most people from around the world, especially in Europe and Asia, do this, so it is normal?
  • Eco-friendly? No paper is being wasted. Also no jammed toilets.

Sorry you have to hear it this way, but a butt towel requiring a wash in detergent and even more water than you just flushed is less eco-friendly than two squares of toilet paper.

velox_vulnus, (edited )

I think you should give this a read. This should convince you to switch to a bidet towel. What I’m surprised about, is that you fail to see how regenerating forests is more difficult than regenerating water. It is very hard to repair the uprooted ecosystem. And no, new trees can not solve climate crisis. You can substitute an eco-friendly detergent. You can clean multiple bidet towels together. Forests, however, takes years to grow, changes in the eco-system can lead to ecological disturbances, and it has to be monitored carefully. This is not the case with water being contaminated with detergent - excess phosphates can cause eutrophication of algae.


Hey man I know it’s generally accepted that bidets are cool and amazing, but actually I just feel like you’re wrong


I would share a body towel, there is just no necessity to do so.


I challenge you to get poop on your finger, wash it off under the shower head, and then rub your eyeball directly with that finger. Your towel has poop residue on it.


I use a bidet daily and sometimes theres still some poopy left after a few long sprays, I use toilet paper to dry off and do a check and then if its clean Im good to go, otherwise I hit it with some more sprays and check again. a few sheets of toilet paper is a lot better than no bidet but Im still not convinced a bidet by itself is good enough. at least here in the states bidets are simple bolt on squirters not a separate thing that might do a better job


You’re supposed to clean your ass first, my friend


im not going to risk a towel in case I need a couple more sprays haha


You could put the towel in the wash if you’re initially doing poor job of cleaning.


My fancy bidet air dries.

I mean, I still wipe but I just wanted to flex over my bidet that blasts warm air all over my booty hole.


Sounds like fecal particulate matter everywhere… if flushing spreads it, can’t imagine what an air blower does.


You use the cleaning function first, then the dry function. Don’t just dry the shit on there (well, maybe you would, but everyone else washes first, that’s the point of a bidet).

whereisk, (edited )


The point is that since flushing alone creates aerosolised particles.

Spray wash, then blow dry, would probably multiply that.

I mean we know that hand dryers are terrible.


Yes I’m sure the multiple countries that use them don’t have a fixation on being clean or anything at all, and are very pleased with blasting shit particles around. ^^/s



“I’m sure all these people sacrificing goats to the gods haven’t seen their prayers answered all the time and are wrong - can’t you see how successful the Greeks and the Romans are, you idiot? /s” << you are this kind of person.

“Multiple countries” that “have a fixation” - therefore it can’t be - hahahaha!

Are you against scientific evidence?

I gave multiple sources, you gave arguments from incredulity, popularity, and your personal perception of reputation of whole countries - collectively.


Did you by chance edit those in? I had only seen the one link about hand dryers, so either my app bugged or you edited 🤷‍♂️


I like my bidet, but I have no interest in letting my labia drip-dry so I will continue to buy toilet paper thank you.


You don’t have a hair dryer in your bathroom? /S


Bidet has reduced my toilet paper usage, but it’s absolutely not a replacement.


There are several:

  • DIN EN ISO 12 625-4: 2005 (Dry tear resistance and perforation resistance)
  • DIN EN ISO 12 625-5:2005 (wet tear resistance)
  • DIN EN ISO 12 625 -9:2005 (Puncture resistance)
  • DIN EN ISO 12 625-3:2005 (Paper thickness in use)
  • EN ISO 12 625-8:2004 (Water retention capacity)

Yet there seems to be no standard for the size or number of sheets in a roll.


hmm, this is more like realizing your preferred language doesn’t have a word for a thing and deciding you want one.


Nah, ISO fucks and I fuck with ISO

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