mstrbtr avatar

This, but instead of Lemmy it is Kbin. xD

j4yc33 avatar

Better Devs, Better Mods.

Well, I should say Better Devs who actually moderate.

Lyxea, avatar

Happy to be here


thanks for taking in a poor refuge like me


I sure hope Lemmy has good crowd control.. as a reddit refugee myself


Using Mlem now and I like it a lot!



cosmicsploogedrizzle, avatar

It's iOS only. If you're looking for Android, search the playstore or F-Droid for Jerboa

slacktoid, avatar

+1 for jerboa .. Works better than the Lemmy app (at least on my (cheap) phone)

TragicNotCute, avatar

Gotta get in early and snatch up one of those good names like...CosmicSploogeDrizzle

cosmicsploogedrizzle, avatar

It's the best name in the whole Milky Way Galaxy

thilo, avatar

So, hoping there is no API policy change in Andromeda?


I apologize in advance as I'm one of the many reddit refugees seeking alternatives. I can't believe how fast reddit is unraveling and you'd think with u/spez's recent AMA he would try to placate the community instead of inciting the situation even further. Anyway, Lemmy's pretty cool so far.


They have people astroturfing hard right now arguing that reddit is not wrong for anything they are doing


It’s open source I think its gonna get a lot more development just from Redditors


Don't apologize. All refugees are welcome here. Although... there is one small thing you could do to help. Maybe make an account on a less crowded instance? Too many people see "dev-run" and think "main instance". We do need to spread out a bit to make this sustainable.


I'm new here, too. How do I switch instances from the mobile app? Edit: I'm using androids jerboa

mrmanager, avatar

You just add another account under the arrow on the top left side. Then you can switch between the accounts on different instances if you like. But I prefer having one account only on a small instance.


Sorry to use you as tech support, but in what app? I tried jerboa and couldn't log in at all.

mrmanager, avatar

Why couldn't you log in? Yes Jerboa.


I couldn't find the login button. Every button I touched just told me to login first.

mrmanager, avatar

Yeah it's a common problem and I had it too. There was many threads about it. It's pretty much hidden.

Anyway, if you click on the top left hamburger menu in the app, there is a tiny arrow there at the top right. Click it. :)

mrmanager, avatar

And if you click login and don't see your instance, you can type it's name at the bottom of the list box.

It's a shame that these things are not better done, because once you are in the app and logged in to your instance, it's smooth sailing from there.


That was it! Whoo boy yeah that could have been easier. Thank you!


😂😂😂 here for the long haul 🙌


Oh no. Our non-centralized website system will get more users. Aaah.


Maybe it makes sense to add a donation link in the header/footer of the site? More money for servers is always good 🤔

falcoignis, avatar

Loving it here so far! Day one from reddit and this was the very first post I see XD


im so nervous about the porn spam, you have no clue


If the fediverse is going to make the big times it's going to have e to handle porn.


I never really got any.


So far I'm looking forward to surfing this wave. Sad to see Reddit burn, but at least there are alternatives.


Also part of the problem, but so far the experience is being great.

Quality over quantity on most posts here on Lemmy, really liking it.

Landrin201, avatar

Yeah I'm part of the problem too, I use a 3rd party app and I'm bailing out of reddit when it dies.

But hopefully things on this and other servers will stabilize over the next few weeks.

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