Passive aggressive? No, this is nonviolent rebellion. Someone clearly combined about that to the city.

Semi-Hemi-Demigod avatar

I wonder if this is more or less effective than drawing penises on them


People are really creative when it comes to potholes, huh?

I do like this way of dealing with them though. You get a laugh, it doesn’t harm anyone and gets the potholes noticed.


But won’t you think of the children!! Think of how many kids have never seen a poorly drawn penis and have to have their first experience looking down at a pothole.

I do wonder if anyone actually did say a charting on wanksy’s city… (IE city claims that it had no influence on their decision to fill potholes, but it was aknowledged that some are getting filled. Realistically that should involve a test, Wanksy should have found 10 potholes, penis’d in 5 of them, quietly took note of 5 and put on his list… Then anonymously slipped that information to a journalist with instructions not to publish for 2 weeks. At which point he’d analyze the 10 potholes and report back which ones were filled.

My point is, there needs to be more scientific rigor with the penis drawings.

RootBeerGuy, avatar

Wanksy is a god damn hero

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