Where’s the sauce?


It’s in the other sink. However, a small, elderly Italian woman named Nana approaches you and slaps your hand as you reach for it. She says, “It’s not ready yet! 4 more hours!”

She offers you some olive oil and garlic aioli instead. She proceeds to feed you for 4 hours until the sauce is ready. Surprisingly, you’re still hungry. The sink sauce is delicious.


So that’s what they mean when they tell you to add a cup of pasta water to thicken your sauce.


I’m sad in the shower. This made me happy. Bless you.


Spagoot from the spigot.


Some udon restaurants in Japan have a broth faucet. The worker just pushed a button and broth ce out into the bowl. It was amazing.


You gotta let it run for a few minutes for the aldente to come on.


No Italian would have such ghastly plates, come on

Cap avatar

Is the faucet giving the pasta a blowjob?

DessertStorms avatar

So my belly is yelling WANT but my brain can't help but think about how disgusting those pipes would be and now I don't want it so much anymore.. 😂

RootBeerGuy, avatar

Just like tap water you have to ensure a constant flow so bacteria cannot develop. You cannot half-ass the sgetti tap!

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