2024 is going to be the beginning of the end of us all

No I’m not catastrophising.

The world is slowly lurching towards a fully fascist led America, India, Hungary, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Argentina.

Instead people are either ignorant or blaming “wokeism”* for their problems.

I have no clue what to do and this is literally a car crash in slow motion.

I’m despondent because I’m going to be crushed under the boot when the time comes and my morals get in the way of my survival instinct.

Humans are repeating the mistakes of the past. It’s just so anxiety inducing.

*Woke is a useless term promulgated by fascists to dog whistle the things they really want to hate - feminism, socialism, LGBTQIA+, immigration, brown/black people, equality and diversity.


Much of it is a function of late stage capitalism and climate change. We know we can’t change so we know we are doomed. The moral contract of society is completely broken.

My plan is to build a boat that is powered by solar panels. Generate enough electricity to move around the world and have power for making water, heat, cooking, air condition, my PC battle station, some greenhouse areas. Be able to build, maintain and repair everything myself and have enough spares to last until EOL. Just exit society, become an island and watch the nukes go off from the ocean. Welcome to !collapse

Probably humanity will muddle through somehow and after much genocide we’ll learn.


That is a cool idea. Be sure to video document it so we have a real found footage horror film if things don’t work out.


I have prepared the sacrifices to Nyctelios so I should be good

Kbin_space_program, (edited )

Not just late stage capitalism(which is really just a return to oligarchies)

You want to know how this is all being pushed: look into the "International Democrat Union"

It's led by the christian-fascist and former Canadian prime Minister Stephen Harper. He's giving them the aid and policy directives they're using to trick people into voting for them.

It's why Pierre Polievre, current leader of the federal opposition in Canada, wants to talk about anything other than India's assault on Canadian sovereignty. Because Modi, him and Harper are really tightly knit.


Thanks! I’m more concerned about the social democratic “leftists” though, ever since the “third way” it seems they have been completely captured all around the globe. Functionally this created the fertile ground for the fascism we see today. I’m not well educated how this ideological change is distributed, I can only infer it / speculate from the effects.


Nah, Harper and his Reform party spend two decades worming their way into Canadian politics by at first showing their hand in the late 1980s and early 1990s, then learning to hide it and play it slowly. Any time any of their cult played their hand in the 2000s it was always an "outburst" or "temporary error in judgement".

They then conned the existing sane conservative party into "merging" with their their smaller party, and through cheating the internal politics of the combined party and pandering to the GOP, got the funds to crush the sane conservatives at the federal level.

It has nothing to do with social programs. Has everything to do with a decades long plan to push politics rightward into accepting extremism.

@TheAnonymouseJoker@lemmy.ml avatar

Indian here. You are incorrect.

The only reason why Trudeau avoids talking about the whole BJP stint is because Khalistanis (domestic terrorists for India) are a vote bank for him and liberals. NRIs are fucking slimy people that love to shit on India on the internet as it suits them. It is not always about rooting for India pessimistically when shitting on BJP government, sometimes it is also a self-hate for nationality, and a way to “purify” or “baptise” oneself for the white capitalist countries.


Not Trudeau, hes rightly bringing up India attacking Canada. Poilievre, the leader of the official opposition, is the one trying to bury it.

Also its very well documented that Modi takes advice from Harper, and Poilievre being a former member of Harper's cabinet, absolutely worships the ground the robot-man walks on.

@TheAnonymouseJoker@lemmy.ml avatar

I did not see Trudeau hyping it up much either. He spoke, then the whole thing went under the rug. Trudeau gets plenty votes from Khalistanis.

And let’s not act like Canada would be very happy if India started “freely” sheltering Canada’s domestic terrorists.

@Grant_M@lemmy.ca avatar

Modi proved that HE is a terrorist by contracting a murder of a Canadian on Canadian soil.

@TheAnonymouseJoker@lemmy.ml avatar

Canada also likewise proved it is a terrorist nation by providing refuge to India’s domestic terrorists. Modi orchestrated a genocide of Muslims in 2002, so we know what these religious terrorists are, but Canada did something entirely different. We know USA, UK and Canada provide refuge to Khalistanis. India should also start providing refuge to some indigenous people of Canada and help them fight against terrorist Canadian establishment to get back their native land.

@Grant_M@lemmy.ca avatar


@Grant_M@lemmy.ca avatar



Remember, the second amendment is for everybody, not just MAGA chuds. :)


You are 100% right, just hope nobody views you as the fascist or the 2nd might be used against you.


TIL the second amendment applies to everyone in the world.

archonet, (edited )

I don’t think I said everybody in the world, but that’s okay, I forgive your stupidity

I guess if you’re in one of the countries that banned guns for civilians you could write the fascists a strongly worded letter. I’m sure that will help.

but I was moreso referring to the state of things in the US where the left is seemingly paralyzed between “we have to get rid of all the guns! think of the children! won’t somebody think of the children!” and “fascists are taking over, what the fuck do we do!?”


You said everybody without a context of a country, which implies everyone around the world, not everyone in the USA. It’s okay though, I’ll forgive your stupidity in forgetting there’s people outside the US.

Fortunately for me I am from one of those countries. It’s not like they’ve got guns either. Even if we did, what would people do? Start randomly shooting at people who we think are fascists?

archonet, (edited )

If you look really hard and read carefully, you’ll see I also said “the second amendment”, which is popularly known worldwide as part of, specifically, the United States Constitution. If you squint, you can also see I mentioned “MAGA chuds” – I don’t think Donald Trump is running a presidential campaign outside of the US. Thereby indicating I was, in fact, specifically talking about everybody in the US, at least if you have two brain cells to rub together. It’s okay, I won’t hold it against you if you don’t.

It’s not like they’ve got guns either.

yes I’m sure the fascists will abide by the legal system they’re… simultaneously working to dismantle or otherwise work around in order to destroy democracy. Yes. Definitely.

Even if we did, what would people do? Start randomly shooting at people who we think are fascists?

all that is needed for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing.


Don’t underestimate the backlash. The big, mellower, center segment of the population that is generally more chill isn’t in favor of fascist idiots.

Just, do what you can to help maintain motivation in the face of the fascist fear-train. Fear is their #1 tool, it’s the emotion that underpins their whole worldview. Control is simply a response to that fear. Without that underlying current of fear, though, how do they get people to grant them control?


Don’t underestimate the backlash.

Don’t overestimate it, either. Only about 1/3 of Germans were NAZIs even at the height of its popularity, but that didn’t stop Hitler from being a dictator.

Resistance takes work, not just hope that reasonable people will somehow prevail just because they’re the majority.


There is also a lot of people who are clueless or don’t care about the world around them or even treat their ignorance as a sort of virtue. 1/3 of Germans being Nazis don’t make the other 2/3 the resistance.


I don’t know the politics of most of those places, but Russia and America definitely are not fascist. Oligarchy is not the same as fascism, though they are certainly good friends. America is no more fascist today than it was when our capitalists were helping out the Nazis. The government is not fascist, only our capitalists are pseudo fascist. The same is true in Russia.


Ok maybe Austria will get these fascist assholes in power. Thats bad because Austria is like a playground in politics if it could happen in Austria it could happen in Germany too and then everywhere else.


Yeah you poor souls are truly living in an anti democratic fascist oligarchy and man I wish I could do something to help… God save us all for what will happen when the time comes to pay for someone with weapons

@sagrotan@lemmy.world avatar

I find it fascinating that so many people realize that this happens but very few actually do something against it. I don’t mean demonstrating, although that’s a good thing and better than nothing, but what to do to fight fascism on a sustainable, more permanent level? Fight disinformation wherever you meet it, don’t ever ignore it. Ever. Spray cans and large permanent pens are your friend in the beginning. No paroles. Truth. Do something for/ with the youth in your area, even if they laugh at you or ignore you, they WILL think about it in the end. Network. Talk to all kinds of people, again, no paroles, just listen to their problems, then lead them carefully on a way and let them decide themselves. Very many will come to a human conclusion. And make it clear to the rest, that the fascists will take their money first. Compare them to con men, because that’s what they are. One last thing: “shock therapy” does NOT work (anymore). People filter much easier today. Any more suggestions? I mean real ones, not “shoot them all” BS

@adorable_yangire@lemmy.world avatar

im gonna do something abt it and the something abt it i will do is having a panic attack and crying


To fight disinformation, you first have to know what disinformation is, and the people being activists don’t really care about how much of a hypocrite they are acting as or on what vague presumptions they are or aren’t acting on. My suggestion, do what Cambridge Analytica did and has continued to exist under Emerdata and competitors, but make the data collected and the inferred relations visible to all so that people can see their surrounding and other people’s surroundings and get a notion of how and why they might be getting affected by them. Instead, we have people arguing that keeping functionality already visible to admins, and easily subject to manipulation, but hidden to the rest of the users, like upvotes and downvotes, should be kept hidden in social networks supposedly intended to be more transparent. Not even going to bring up some of the people leading those networks. I have little hope.


I don’t know what is missed And at this moment, I am too afraid to ask


The beginning was harmbe. 2024 is just how far we have strayed from God


My dick is still out


You forgot about the UK


About the only palliative measure I can think about is to disengage from society completely, as it’s no longer possible to correct it, and go live in the middle of nowhere until the planet eventually goes to hell. Or until society decides to go fully nihilistic and self-terminate.

@Pharmacokinetics@lemmy.world avatar

Because all the vets have died off.


Most of the generation that saw that war have died, not just the vets. The living memory of world war and fascism is gone.

@Pharmacokinetics@lemmy.world avatar

The one thing the Nazis did right was their propaganda. Even at our day, it succeeds in poisoning the impressionables.


Anger (trauma…anxiety… the whole knot) comes first. Then the propaganda sells you an efficient, socially accepted (well, to the right society) form of rationalization and expression. IE a story and lifestyle to process the emotions.

Say what you will about the ism, but the emotions must be processed. One way or another.

My point is, nazi is a shoe. The impressionable traumatized dude is the foot looking for a shoe.


Their submarines were pretty good. But then the Navy was some of the least infected parts of their regime so that tracks. They made good tanks and planes before Hitler got involved and those became prestige projects instead of real projects. (Thinking Pz3 and BF109 early)

But yeah you’ve got to really pick the carcass apart to find stuff. Turns out being a meth addled extremist surrounded by other meth addled extremists isn’t a great way to run a country.


Well then the good thing is they still have meth.

@Random_German_Name@feddit.de avatar

Organize. The old world is dying, the new world is yet to be born. We are standing at a tipping point not only regarding climate change, but also regarding the future of humanity. It is up to us, how we act and how the new world will look like.

And even if we loose: Its harder to deport and/or kill you, if a bunch of other people got your back.


What counts as “a bunch of other people” because fascists will famously eradicate entire families that go against the grain.

Random_German_Name, (edited )
@Random_German_Name@feddit.de avatar

In my case: I have ~7 very, very close friends, ~70 people, that are part of our direct network, ~160 people that are indirect part of our network and ~300 people I know of, that sympathize with us. Most people in the network are between 18 and 34 years old and have some experience with getting beaten up by police, can tank some punches and know how to fight in a fistfight.

Thing is: The fascists don‘t know every member of our network. Even I don‘t know every member, I only know a person, that knows a person, that knows the guy who can do me a favor.

@Resol@lemmy.world avatar

Don’t forget Belgium, specifically in Flanders.


Man shut the fuck up, you’re clueless

@Arthritis_god_of_the_hunt@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

The fascist party is polling at 30% the party they split off in the 70s is polling at 20% it’s not good.

@Resol@lemmy.world avatar

You probably haven’t heard of Vlaams Belang.

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