During the game was a great time to go to ER in my area because the hospital was less busy. Less wait time.


Bro, I know Taylor Swift is cute and all, but you don’t have to beat it so hard that you break your wrist.




I’m guessing they punched something out of rage over something beyond their control.


They were hangry.


Should have eaten one of the 9,876,808 different food items advertised during the Superbowl.

@rotopenguin@infosec.pub avatar

I think he was just trying to one-hand a snack platter that was just a little too epic


I bet he was real pissed about overtime


Went ahead and broke the other one for that event.

@ShellMonkey@lemmy.socdojo.com avatar

Then he has to rely on Mom to help tend his needs…


Is this… 🫴🏼 Reddit?

@Okokimup@lemmy.world avatar

Please do not bring that bullshit here. It was tiresome at the other site.


What a fucking idiot.


If he wanna watch the bowl, then he wanna watch the bowl.

Don’t hate. His wrist, his life.

@BackOnMyBS@lemmy.world avatar

i agree with you. i usually wait til the next day to go to the er when i break a bone. theyre usually mean to me, so i gotta get mentally ready to go there.


How often do you break a bone?

@BackOnMyBS@lemmy.world avatar

about once a year lately


For how long? If the human body has 206 bones, you might end up losing 25% of your bones in the near future. Take care and be well!

@BackOnMyBS@lemmy.world avatar

4 years :/

Mr_Fish, (edited )

I usually wait til the next day to go to the er

A. You break a bone often enough to have a common practice for it?

B. What the fuck do you think ER stands for?

C. If they’re mean to you, is any of the meanness them saying “you should’ve come here yesterday”?

@BackOnMyBS@lemmy.world avatar

A. Yes, I’m clumsy and make mistakes.

B. Emergency Room

C. I feel like you’re being rude, and I don’t like it. Please treat me with respect. I’m trying my best.


He wasn’t rude. But I will be. Stop being so fucking stupid, get there ASAP next time. It’ll only take one really bad one to fuck you up for the rest of your life, if you get a rest of your life.


It seems like you're just refusing to acknowledge that you are frustrating medical staff by making your problem worse. Repeatedly.

@BackOnMyBS@lemmy.world avatar

I’m not refusing to acknowledge that. If that’s what I’m doing, then I’m glad you let me know. Sorry for upsetting you and my previous ER providers. I will try to do better. But, unless you have received medical care at a VA, I don’t think you would have the experience needed ro understand my sentiment. I’m not exaggerating. When I go to the ER now, I make sure to have a friend with me so that I have a witness. I have a childhood friend that is an ER doctor take me.

The last time I broke a bone and went to the ER, they gave me a splint and referred me to ortho because it was complicated. It took 2 months to get seen. I had a broken wrist for 2 months before I saw ortho for it, and the only reason I got seen that “early” was because I started complaining to the patient advocate about it.


That does sound very frustrating, but you and the providers you see are viewing this problem from very different perspectives.

The nurses and doctors who see you at the ER are probably also frustrated by the issues you mention, but for them, while they're working, they have to be focused on the here and now. So what they see is a patient who delayed treatment, potentially complicating their injury.


no hate, just idiot.


The fucking sound hateful tho.

Broken wrist ain’t that bad as long as bone still in.


Loss of feeling in hand bad


wrist > weird TV program


Some people have different priorities in life 🤷‍♂️


they shouldn’t prioritize some ads over their health, that’s sad.


I can think someone is being a dumbass without having any kind of hateful feelings towards them. Hell, I love a few morons


It’s really not gonna change anything about the outcome, unless the broken bone just happens to cut open his radial artery, which is highly unlikely.


As a young teen, I used to love to entertain the thought that my watching the game on TV would somehow alter the trajectory and the outcome of the score. If my watching the game is irrelevant, what’s the point of paying attention?

It’s narcissistic egocentrism, but hey for parallel universes and Heisenberg pop science


I dont get what you mean by narcisstic egocentrism?

It sounds more like you gaslight yourself for the capitalistism of watching TV and consume the ads. Idk whats true but I wonder what you mean.


Still… I don’t care what one’s passion is; one should never let it interfere with the need for immediate medical attention.


I’ve been to an Arctic Monkeys concert where a dude behind me broke his leg and kept moshpitting (don’t ask me why there was a brutal moshpit at an Arctic Monkeys concert) for another hour before he was finally taken care of by paramedics.


(don’t ask me why there was a brutal moshpit at an Arctic Monkeys concert)

That is weird. o.o


Well that’s what he’s saying, it’s not immediate.


Close enough if you ask me.


Mf doesn’t know the opiodic bliss of watching some griddy.

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