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Anyone up for some D&D?


Only if we can listen to a Judas Priest record backwards.


Man, my friend got all his D&D stuff taken away in 1984, he bought new stuff and left it at my house, which was fine by me as he said I could use it even if he wasn’t around.


For anyone who isn’t aware of the Satanic Panic, this was a pretty fun time to be a D&D player:




I believe the culture war junk is part of distract and divide tactics. ‘hey parents don’t worry about all the bloodshed from neoliberal policies, your kids are summoning demons!’


That’s why I wear my “Let’s summon demons!” shirt at every opportunity. Pearl clutching intensifies!


I love that there’s a reference to the Tom Hanks classic Mazes and Monsters in there.

Funny thing about the eighties. I was absolutely forbidden from playing dungeons and dragons but was totally allowed to play wizardry, Ultima, and bards tale.

Explain that parental logic.

I do feel I missed out. Never did get to play the real deal.


I think tabletop gaming and D&D are having a renaissance in recent years - I bet you could find folks to play with easier than you think.

I haven’t played in decades myself, but my son does, and so does a good friend of mine (who is even older than me) and his kids, and seemingly half the people I know.

I would theoretically love to play, but I have other life circumstances that have required me to cut gaming time of any kind to 0 for awhile.

You should give it a shot if you can!

I love that there’s a reference to the Tom Hanks classic Mazes and Monsters in there.

That’s been on my rewatch list for awhile. I don’t think I’ve seen it since it was new. One of these days… :)


You can’t just mention D&D and Satanic Panic without sharing the Chick Tract.


:D I absolutely should have. I think I had at least a half dozen of these specific ones in physical form at one point back in the day.

Edit: Last time this came up I learned of this. 😀 youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNYxu1LqkyT3Ihj7l2n2WS…

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Never mind Christians- long before this “cancel culture” bullshit started, Republicans were perfectly happy to censor the Dixie Chicks and basically destroy their careers because they dared to criticize George W. Bush.

I’ve never heard any of them say that was wrong of them, just that cancel culture is the worst thing ever.


*American Christians.


All Christians

01011, (edited )

A lot more than just American xtians. There are countries where people cannot get safe, legal abortions because of the stranglehold that xtians have on the political class. Likewise access to contraceptives and even basic reproductive education within the school system. The Roman Catholic Church has been far more destructive than American xtians.

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You see, it's true: Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!


Burned heretics


Actually, everybody complains about cancel culture. And Christians.


Why yes, cancelling, shunning, etc is bad.


“Everyone I disagree with are the same people”


The campaigns to ban video games by Christian groups is one of the biggest examples of cancel culture in modern times.

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That’s a long time ago. Didn’t that happen in the 90s?


The 90’s weren’t that long ago to some of us. But yes, in the 80’s and 90’s they rallied hard against music, and in the 90’s and early 2000’s against video games. Something positive did come out of it though. Music albums and video games didn’t have maturity ratings before all of that campaigning from the Christian Coalition. As a parent it’s nice to have a rating flag, so you know to check the content and see if you think it’s appropriate for your children.

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My brother in Christ, I don’t know what planet you live on, but here on Earth, that was 30 years ago no matter where you live. And to my knowledge, none of the games and/or bands actually got cancelled because of it except on an individual basis (i.e. if you parents forbid you to have them at home). But in that case, we simply went to a friend’s house to play or listen to them there, so I’m not sure that this is really something worth getting all worked up over.


1990 was 34 years ago, but 1999 was only 25 years ago. When you get older, 25 years doesn’t seem like that long ago. I’m not sure if you’re implying that I’m getting worked up in your last sentence, but I’m not. I simply stated an observation. As far as the Christian Coalition, yes, they got really worked up.

Tons of albums were banned. 2 Live Crew had almost every one of their albums banned at one point or another. License to Ill by the Beasty Boys was banned. Everything from Too Short was banned. Tons of music was banned either from the radio, the record stores, or both. People went to jail over it. It was a big deal. Thankfully a lot of those bands sued and appealed, and moved the meter for artistic expression considerably, from then forwards.


You know you’re old when young people confidently explain to you things you witnessed first hand. Like Dee Snyder testifying in a Senate hearing.

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Literally every accusation from a right winger is a confession


Decades? Millennia!


So the takeaway is that when we take power we should do the bad things the previous group in power did?


It’s not the same thing.

Judging behaviour and actions is entirely different to judging people for who they are.


People are compiled of their actions and behaviors so I am not really getting what you are trying to say.


Some traits are inherent / congenital, historically these were used to judge and “cancel” people

Still are at times


I dont recall the religious right cancelling people due to their inherent characteristics. On the other hand, the left actively discriminates against people for the same thing.


Oh really? I wonder if a religions have ever used gender to define what roles a person can have and who gets a platform?

I’m not sure if we’re just definitely terms differently or you’re lacking an understanding of history here.

The religious right has always given a voice to a small number of people and cancelled everyone else


So you are going to point to women cant be head pastors in some churches as indication that they cancel people due to inherent characteristics?


Seems like that’s the agenda these days.


Yeah, kind of sucks.


It sucks terribly.

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A perfect meme!




So tone deaf.


how so?


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