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Semi-Hemi-Demigod, in Two Party System. Why.
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The Constitution was literally the best a bunch of doped-up, syphilitic slaveholders could come up with to replace the divine right of kings. They even had a first try with the Articles of Confederation and fucked that up.

We really need to stop teaching kids that a system of government written by people who used leeches to cure hysteria is the greatest thing ever created.

Neato, in I have never seen ”/s” on lemmy
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/s is an excellent modifier for sarcasm. There's no tone in text and bold/italic can only do so much. And with how many absolute crackpots are posting all over the internet, I'd prefer to be sure to not lump in a jokester with the absolute nutjobs.

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iT Is tHE oNlY OpTiOn!


It totes is. Obvs


Right? There’s literally no other way to make it clear that you’re being sarcastic


That’s the whole point of sarcasm though, that the delivery seems genuine. Don’t write the opposite of what you mean if you aren’t willing to have some people misunderstand you.

And yes, people who use sarcastic tone in conversation are also missing the point. They also should not say the opposite of what they mean.

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Sarcasm was developed in spoken word. If you are using the written word, it needs to be painfully obvious if you want the meaning to come across. But due to Poe's Law, that's becoming harder and harder these days. Especially in the political and human rights discussion.

No one is forcing you to use /s. But shitting on people using it because you don't think it's "pure" is asinine and also abelism.


Sarcasm doesn’t require tone to operate.

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Poe says otherwise.


Declaring confusion to exist is a way of creating confusion.


There are a lot of comments where I think “yeah, that has got to be satirical, there’s no way someone actually thinks that” only to find out, no, they actually do.

So yeah, /s definitely has it’s place

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To me it's born out of this moment: "Wait, will someone see this joke and think I'm serious? If they did they'd think I'm a psycho..."


That is exactly what Poe’s Law is.


[…A]ny parodic or sarcastic expression of extreme views can be mistaken […as] sincere's_law


Am i wooshing myself??

That is literally the point of sarcasm. People legitimately wanted to murder Jonathan Swift.

If you write “/s”, just write the direct unironic statement in the first place.

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If that were holistically true the concept of a “sarcastic tone” wouldn’t exist in verbal speech.


Yes, the /s and sarcastic tone both exist and are used by people.


“If you want to tell a joke in which the humor is derived from you saying something incorrect, or something that would be offensive if you genuinely believed it, you should instead just say the actual truth and never use sarcasm again”

That’s actually such a good idea, it would make life on the internet so much better /s

Bluescluestoothpaste, (edited )

If you want to make a joke, assume that some people won’t get it. If you don’t want any ambiguity then no, do not use sarcasm. If you write “/s”, you’re not being sarcastic at all, you’re just using a double negative.


That’s not what a double negative is

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People on Reddit are scared of downvotes affecting their karma score, so they have to tag controversial comments to make it absolutely clear if their comment is sarcasm.


Personally I used it to keep shinigami eyes users from tagging my then-universal handle as problematic when I made an off-color joke. I’ve been banned from subreddits I never heard of because of something I said as a joke in a totally different subreddit


I have used it because my sarcastic comment, read at face value, might encourage someone to support something I despise. I’m not interested in creating or bolstering that shit, I just want to make fun of it. Karma points never had anything to do with it. I had millions but what’s a million nothings, still nothing. Reddit Karma is just multiplying by zero.


But my false sense of entitlement!


/s h


That’s the best part of internet sarcasm. There is little in this world that is more fun than a 6 reply deep argument between someone making serious counterpoints to my sarcastic comments, while I try to see how much more sarcastic I can become before they figure it out.

Putting a tag up absolutely ruins the fun.

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I’ve found most people online feign sarcasm as a way to defend their ego more than anything else.


Or they imagine everyone is hating on them because they didn’t get the sarcasm. No, we got the sarcasm. It’s just a terrible joke.


Even with my username people still don’t understand.


/S Is aN ExCeLlEnT MoDiFiEr fOr sArCaSm. ThErE’S No tOnE In tExT AnD BoLd/iTaLiC CaN OnLy dO So mUcH. aNd wItH HoW MaNy aBsOlUtE CrAcKpOtS ArE PoStInG AlL OvEr tHe iNtErNeT, i’d pReFeR To bE SuRe tO NoT LuMp iN A JoKeStEr wItH ThE AbSoLuTe nUtJoBs.

starman2112, (edited )

tHiS is only useful for short phrases. Saying more than one sentence in this style makes me just skip the paragraph because it’s annoying to read.


I’d much rather “/s” than this. Though the difference may be small, this text reads as sardonic, while sarcasm may not always be meant in a mocking tone. Plus readability is important to me.


I definitely prefer /s over this style of sarcasm.


I lot of use of /s just indicates that there are a lot of jaded people making snide comments. We haven’t gotten to that stage yet.


Sarcasm isn’t useful anymore if you straight up say its sarcasm. It makes it more accessible but it also ruins it for everyone who doesn’t need the modifier. You might as well just not be sarcastic at that point.


Also helpful for people with trouble reading tone in text cuz of things like autism.


That’s the only legitimate defense for having to tag your sarcasm I’ve ever read.

Back in MY DAY, nobody tagged their sarcasm on BBS or IRC and we ALL UNDERSTOOD AAAAA (but srsly for folks who have trouble with tone you’re fully right.)


What are you talking about? Even usenet in the 80s recommended using emoticons to mark sarcasm/joking remarks.

Avoid sarcasm and facetious remarks.

Without the voice inflection and body language of personal communication these are easily misinterpreted. A sideways smile, :-), has become widely accepted on the net as an indication that “I’m only kidding”. If you submit a satiric item without this symbol, no matter how obvious the satire is to you, do not be surprised if people take it seriously.



That’s a valid point! I forgot now many emoticons I’d use back then. I’ve always hated pointing out my sarcasm using extra things, though… I prefer to do it using italics, which is reeeeal helpful on Reddit where it goes over nobody’s heads at all.


Source: me

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It wouldn't be the first time I get myself into a trouble because of that :(


As someone with autism, I’m here to say that it is actually the opposite of helpful.

People need challenges in order to grow. They need opportunities to fail.

Putting training wheels on sarcasm makes autistic people even further behind the social curve by depriving us of opportunities to fail.

Much like a sterile childhood environment has been scientifically proven to be a causal factor in developing allergies as an adult, I predict that science will eventually establish a causal link between lack of ambiguous communication during developmental years, and reduced intelligence in life.

Human society is so fucking hard to understand for an autistic person, and I really appreciate your looking out for me, but the struggle is worth it, and human culture is intricate and beautiful, and that’s why I chose this username.


How ever did autistic people survive before the internet to help them cope?


I mean a lot of neurodivergent people literally didn’t survive until a few decades ago


Well that’s a massively gross exaggeration.


You misunderstand, this is from my own perspective as an autistic person. Plus, the lack of tone of voice over text can make communication harder, for everyone. It’s literally just a tool for communication, clearing up what you mean.


But that’s the point of sarcasm. Jonathan Swift got lots of death threats by mail after writing “A Modest Proposal,” and he expected it! If someone doesn’t want to risk being misunderstood, they should not write the opposite of what they mean.


Okay but lots of other autistic people I know really appreciate tone indicators so you cannot really speak for everyone. Not to mention, why does knowing that something was meant to be sarcastic hinder learning instead of essentially guessing?

Kbin_space_program, (edited ) in What did Canada do?

Canada's Hundred Days. Aka the last 100 days of WW1.

Functionally, Canada won WW1 for the allies.

Being under 10% of the WW1 force, in that period they tackled defences everyone else thought impregnable and shattered them, like the Hindenburg Line, and in the process paved the way for the allied advance. They also took out a quarter of the German forces in that time.

While they did arguably use proto-blitzkrieg tactics of using lots of machine guns, and then also using vehicles to move troops even quicker while using said machine guns, one of the biggest factors was a prodigious use of chemical weapons.

To the point that in the interwar period, Canada had the largest capacity and stores of chemical weapons. During WW2, said stockpile is one of the reasons Hitler refused to use chemical weapons on the allies.

Edit: And a lot of the rules on fair treatment of POWs and rules on capturing surrendered soldiers also stems of Canadian soldiers behaviours during WW1.

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In our defense we were jonesing for maple syrup.


We’re a simple people, enjoying quiet lives and good standard of living. But threaten our maple syrup - even from afar - and we will give you a reason for the Geneva convention!


To be fair, French Canadians were overrepresented and didn’t want to be there so they figured if they were super good at it they could go back home ASAP.


so the French are cowards, Canadians are teddy bears, but somehow when you combine the two they not only cancel our but hyperamplify the opposite?


Two incredibly dumb generalizations proven wrong in this very thread, but people like you are still perpetuating them.


Fun fact, numbers to numbers for personnel, vehicles, equipment, air force and navy, France has more stuff than Britain in every category.

I don't know too much of how good their stuff is other than the Rafale being a fine piece of tech.


French are great when not led by a Frenchman.


Napoleon was French.


Technically Corsician

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Hydrogen and Oxygen are extremely flammable. When combined they make water.


Oxygen isn’t flammable, Oxygen is what reacts with the things that are flammable.


If I remember my chemistry right, chlorine trifluoride would like to have a chat with you. It’s such a powerful oxidizer that when burned with oxygen, the oxygen is actually the fuel rather than the oxidizer.

But then this is the stuff that the Nazis decided was too dangerous to use as rocket propellant, then decided it was too dangerous to use as a chemical weapon.


I don’t want to chat with Chlorine Trifluoride, it’s nasty.

But yeah, there are some obscure situations where oxygen isn’t the oxidizing agent, but the name “oxidizer” gives a clue how rare that is. In most normal situations, oxygen is the oxidizer and the thing it reacts with is the fuel. Partially that’s due to Oxygen being a good electron acceptor, but mostly it’s because there’s a lot of oxygen in the planet, and anywhere you can have humans you pretty much need to have oxygen.


It’s like Civ Gandhi with nuclear weapons. Aggression goes negative and wraps around to the max.


This is why one should be caution around unsigned numbers.


That’s actually a myth, btw.

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The French will riot for weeks if you raise their retirement age. Americans will just complain online if you take away their human rights.

The French are not the cowards.


good point 🤔


The French shut the entire country down when the government tried to raise the diesel tax by 10 cents, don’t fuck with French labor


Also don’t forget the good old Shotgun / Trenchgun, which was seen as an unfair weapon in trench warfare as there was no answer to it in close range and tight corridors.

Germany literally banned the use of them, Germany.


It was totally justifiable! We had to end the war cuz hockey season was about to start.

teft, in This is great. You should try it. avatar

I love it so much.

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It's amazing, but I never peer pressure anybody to try it.

Because it's great when there's a cheese board and you get to hoard the blue cheese because people are "ew, gross, mold".

potat, in Why doesn't the media cover this? avatar

Pikmin 1+2 HD bundle also released under Biden if that counts.


I might give Biden credit for this if he had improved the textures. But, Pikmin 1+2 HD is basically just a re-release.

The_Picard_Maneuver, avatar

This should be in every political ad this election season. The voters need to see this.


Will Trump address or is he too cowardly? When will the media hold him accountable?


Anybody know where I could find a massive dataset of release dates to build a generator for these?

Nougat, in The line's back there

You should be using all lanes of traffic, and zipper merge at the end.

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But if I catch some dirty shitbag pull out of the lane to get into a clearly ending lane just to skip ahead a few cars...I'm going to glare rather harshly as I let the dirtbag back in.


Then you are the asshole.

Just because they are already in the slow lane doesn’t mean that they’ve already zippered.

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...What? You approve of people leaving a lane to enter a lane that is, within sight, ending just so they can zip ahead and force a merge? That will 100% slow down traffic.

And at no point did I say I wouldn't let them in. It was a joke about assholes who exploit zippering. Are you so called-out that the idea of a glare ruins your day or did you misread the above?


Zipper merge is effective if it takes place at the end of the line, not the merge point. Essentially as traffic backs up, the merge point should back up as well. That isn’t practical in reality; you can’t dynamically move the merge point IRL.


You can’t zipper merge when you’re unable to move forward after waiting until the last second and being pressed up against the road closure.

Having to turn nearly 90 degrees to get to the other lane tends to slow down the zippering.


You can’t zipper merge when you’re unable to move forward after waiting until the last second not being allowed to zipper merge by selfish assholes and being pressed up against the road closure.



… Just go to the end and then merge. It doesn’t mean drive up to the wall and then try to turn 90 degrees. The entirety of Europe does zipper merges and it’s an incredibly easy thing to do. You just need drivers that think of other things rather than just themselves.


I’m not saying anyone should drive up to the wall and try to turn 90 degrees. I’m saying that’s what people do, in the US at least. It just happens and it creates traffic.


And that right there is exactly why it’s not gonna happen here

We couldn’t get a significant portion of our population to mask up for a pandemic, we ain’t gonna teach zipper merging to enough people that’ll actually use it for it to matter

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The main problem with zipper merges in practice are selfish people who rush to zipper and cause even more congestion because of their erratic attempt to merge. Like traffic circles they work great when everyone is doing it right and they cam get really messed up when people do it wrong.

It would be great if zipper merging was taught as part of getting a license. Or they actually required someone to learn how to zipper merge as part of their license renewal.

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The number of people I've seen use the inner lane to turn out of the circle pisses me off. Change lane to outer circle, then exit the circle. The number of times I've nearly been hit because some asshat in a giant truck decided they own all the lanes is too high to count.

snooggums avatar

My favorite is when they are in the right lane, merge to the middle and back out when going straight so they don't have to actually slow down and go in the round outside lane, defeating the point of the roundabout.

Neato avatar

You mean they just cut through the circle like it's a straight-away? There's a circle near me that has 1 entrance-exit pair that happens all the time. And an entrance b/t the two is really hard to see when entering and has nearly zero visibility to that left entering lane. I've nearly been creamed by people doing 30mph through there like that.

It's a shittily designed roundabout but they need some traffic calmers there.

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Yes. I have noticed that newer circles discourage this by having tighter entrances and exits that limit the ability to do so, but a lot of older ones were gradual enough that you could go through it without even turning the wheel.


In traffic circles, even if someone messes up, the problem is usually resolved and the circle is back to normal operation within a minute or so. Unless someone is literally camped in the middle of the circle, life finds a way.


No, the problem is the people who incorrectly merge early, making “rushing” possible.

snooggums avatar

I am not calling it rushing because they are passing, but because they are going a significantly higher speed when starting to merge, requiring them to slam on the brakes and cause the same issues that merging too early causes.

Like going 20+ mph over the posted speed, not just going the speed limit in the open lane.

People who stay in the open lane and don't pass in the no passing zone and just zipper merge at the end are not the people I am talking about when I say rushing.


Right, and the real fault lies with the early mergers who cause the open lane to exist in the first place, not the opportunistic drivers who fill it.

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Early mergers don't make people speed in the open lane and abruptly merge in an unsafe manner.


You can either work with human nature, or try to work against it. But if you choose the latter, you’re gonna have a bad time.

As someone with a background in traffic engineering, I care about what actually works. Making yourself feel good by passing judgement on drivers doesn’t actually do anything to solve the problem.

snooggums avatar

Are you saying that human nature is to speed in the open lane if other people merge early?


Yeah, it sure seems that way. Why, do you doubt it?

snooggums avatar

Because it is stupid to blame early merging people instead of just assuming the speeders are the same people that speed and do shitty sudden lane changes in normal traffic.


You don’t get it: the blame doesn’t matter. What matters is designing the built environment in such a way as to afford good behaviors and preclude (or at least discourage) bad ones.

That’s why traffic calming works much better than merely putting in speed limit signs with lower numbers on them, for instance, and why I really liked this suggestion elsewhere in the thread.

joel_feila, avatar

Renewal? Wht is stranger thing.

snooggums avatar

A thing that existed in the long, long ago in the last millennium.

Seriously, I think I had one license renewal in the late 90s where I had to take a written test and since then I just have to prove I still exist.


Do you mean "rush to zipper" as in "using an open lane to move forward and then zipper merge into the remaining lane when that one closes?" That is precisely what you should do.

The problem is the selfish people who refuse to let those people actually zipper merge, like OP.

snooggums avatar

I mean speeding at a far higher speed than the other plane and then suddenly slamming on the brakes and forcing themselves into the other lane. Rushing to merge, not just zipper merging at a similar speed.


If the lane being used is still open for forward traffic, that is a completely legitimate zipper merge, although it would be safer to match speed more gradually and, of course, wait for an appropriate space to merge into. As a hypothetical, that's a borderline case, and it's certainly possible to adjust the details of the hypothetical to make the merging driver into the dick. But I'm not sure that's a useful pursuit.

snooggums avatar

How is matching speeds to merge and finding a space an edge case? That is how merging works.

Not matching speeds is how people going slower than the flow of traffic when merging from on ramps causes issues. Matching speeds when merging is crucial.


Or just do what they do in Ontario, drive on the shoulder and zipper merge onto the 1 actual lane.

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It’s hard to discuss zipper merging because people use to justify all sorts of dick behavior. Zipping through an empty left turn only lane to skip to the head of a right turn only lane for example. That’s not an example of zipper merging but there’s tons of people who I’ve seen argue that’s acceptable behavior.


That’s not an example of zipper merging but there’s tons of people who I’ve seen argue that’s acceptable behavior.

We agree that that's not what we're talking about, and those people are wrong. That wasn't hard at all.


Those people are assholes.

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The issue is, at the end of the day, that nobody ever seems to know how to keep a decent distance away from the car in front of them. It doesn’t matter how slow traffic is, leave some space in front of you. It gives you room to slow down in case something happens, and it gives everyone else room to merge.

Fermion, (edited )

Zipper merging requires matching speed with the lane you are merging into so that drivers can make gradual changes in speed to make an opening for the person merging. That avoids sending a wave of brake slams that results from sudden unexpected lane changes. If you’re passing a bunch of people, you’re probably not doing a zipper merge.

You’re also much less likely to end up with someone not letting you over if they see you matching speed instead of speeding up to the merge point.


If you're passing a bunch of people, you are using the open lane to travel. By the time the lane you are in comes to an end, you then modulate your speed to match traffic in the slower lane, and merge. Because cars have brakes.


You need to start matching speed at the start of the signage for the merge. At that point it’s no longer just a lane, it is a lane with restrictions.

You’re not actually increasing total throughput by speeding ahead, you’re only changing the order. The total throughput is determined by the flow of traffic after the constriction point. That flow is smoothest when drivers match speed.


What you’re missing is that the “closing lane” is often designed to be utilized to prevent traffic from backing up into another traffic control device.

While you’re “matching speed” with the open lane that’s hardly moving- traffic has now backed up into an intersection and caused gridlock on cross streets for miles behind you.

So while “total throughput” on YOUR journey has remained the same you may be causing chaos to the roads around you.

Your best bet is to just assume the traffic engineers who designed the closure know better than you.

Fermion, (edited )

The middle and last scenario both have people merging in at the end, but only the scenario with matching speed has smooth high throughput flow that alleviates congestion.

The lane hardly moving is usually because of uneven merging at the closure point. If everyone matches speed then both lanes are filled equally. That’s what the traffic engineers say is best.

There’s a problematic entry ramp that I used to drive every day on my commute. Traffic would back up around it every day in rush hour. When I matched speed and zippered in at the end, the congestion actually started to clear a little as the lane being merged into started moving substantially faster without people cutting in out of turn.


This does not address my point at all. I agreed that your suggestion would not necessarily negatively impact the total throughput on your route.

My point was that your route does not exist in a vacuum and the utility of the open lane may not be obvious without having the same information available as the traffic engineers who designed the closure.


Matching speed does a better job of filling both lanes evenly and reduces the amount of backed up traffic. The slow lane is what backs up to prior intersections. Matching speed is what allows the slow lane to clear up and prevent affecting upstream intersections. You’re point isn’t actually relevant to what I’ve described because the lane is fully utilized in a proper zipper merge with speed matching.

So I’m not ignoring the purpose of the merge lane, and I’m not advocating early merging. I’m describing the key aspect of zipper merging that the cruise ahead people are missing.


The other issue is people who have no spatial awareness of their vehicle and need like eight car lengths to merge over.

Done with a modicum of competence: Zipper merges are efficient and you should only merge near the end

In reality? If you see an opening, merge over sooner than later to prevent disruptions to traffic


If you see an opening, merge over sooner than later to prevent disruptions to traffic.

This actually creates disruptions in traffic. Use all lanes, zipper merge at the end.


Theory: Everyone down voting you has never driven outside the US.

We don’t teach the proper way to zipper merge, so people block those doing it for cutting in line. It’s a different culture that should be changed for efficiency, just like middle lane squatting, but it’s just not important enough to address.


The United States has a strong general culture of "I got mine, fuck you." That is certainly playing a part in this thread.


I mean. The UK (particularly Northern Ireland) are gods of zipper merging. It is like all of the queuing is to train them for exactly that. Every single time I felt like an asshole because I slowed down even a km/h or two to “let someone in” when they knew exactly how much space they needed and had it under control.

Germany… I am honestly gobsmacked at how bad Berlin and Frankfurt were at zipper merging. It felt like if I suddenly discovered that nobody in mainland China could make rice without a rice cooker. Like… I think the US might somehow actually be better. And we are HORRIBLE at zipper merges. At least New England, if not Chicagoland.

If I am traveling internationally and driving? The bare minimum is that I’ll ask the person at the rental counter if there are any “gotchas” to be aware of. And if I have any friends in the area, I’ll chat with them on a hangouts/discord call before I fly over.

Hell, I SHOULD do the same when driving domestically but at this point I can handle NYC, LA, Boston, Chicago, and all the stupidity in between so… fuck it and sorry if I cut you off.

But also…

Theory: People think speaking in absolutes based on driver’s ed manuals is stupid? And you actually have to understand “the rule of the road” and how to drive defensively.


It's not just Berlin and Frankfurt, the autobahn is known for two things in the countries surrounding Germany; no speed limit and people completely skipping the acceleration lane.


No, it fucking doesn’t because we don’t live in a perfect world and entitled/dumbasses fill the road. If I’m in the right lane and some chucklefuck is matching my speed in the on-ramp next to me and doesn’t either speed the fuck up or slow the fuck down in the 2 whole minutes they have in that lane, they’re gonna end up slamming their brakes at the end. All it would take is a modicum of awareness to get over and stop this awkward bullshit. That’s just ONE example.

This isn’t a traffic jam. This isn’t the middle of Delhi. We’re talking about normal everyday traffic. It’s 2 cars in a 4 lane highway, and the dumbass can’t even merge.

And no, it’s not my responsibility to make sure they get over. I’m not hand holding idiots.

Point is, we don’t live in a fucking vacuum and all it takes is opening your eyes and judging the situation in front of you accordingly.


I was taught to move left in that case - it eliminates any potential confusion and moves you completely out of the interaction.


We're talking about two different things then. Open road, light fast-moving traffic, lane ending - the "merge zone" lengthens with that speed and space.

Heavy slow-moving traffic, lane ending, use the lanes which are available and zipper merge at the end. Merging too soon in this situation does create congestion.


In a vacuum it creates congestion, in reality things can be different, usually shitty drivers

For example: I drove a large truck most of last year and people simply will not let you in if you attempt to zipper mete properly in a vehicle deemed slow or cumbersome. They will literally close in as tight as they can on each other knowing that should you hit them you’ll be found at fault

This can even result in the people in the lane behind said vehicle to start zippering at the point behind the vehicle, essentially moving the zipper a car length down the highway. These people also frequently close in and box out that cumbersome vehicle as well.

This technically keeps traffic flowing, but massively breaks flow when the vehicle finally managed to edge enough into the lane to force a merge or someone gives them room to actually get in


Shitty drivers create congestion, yes.

I always defer to commercial vehicles on the road, no matter what. Those people are at work; I'm not. It's not a perfect analogy, but I also don't go into retail stores and get in the way of employees, either.


God yes.

I am generally a nice-ish person. I’ll try to slow down a little to give them more room. And then they just slow down too because they don’t know how to drive without matching speed with a car next to them. And, fortunately, they aren’t looking at me so I can’t even wave them in. So it is just a waiting game of “Are they going to speed up and cut me off so that I have to slam on the brakes, or are they going to slam on the brakes at the last second and stop their lane until my lane stops to let them in?”

Nobody is saying to force your way in to the merge lane five miles ahead of the closure. If traffic is moving along, move along. But if you see an opening and know the lanes are going to merge? Merge then and there.

Astroturfed, in I'm sure it was just created as an exercise, right?

I assume the US military has an invasion plan on the books for about every country on the face of the earth. They gotta spend all the trillions of dollars of black money on something.


“Operation Waffle Garden,” US invasion of Belgium


Operation Waffle Stomp rolls off the tongue a bit more


Sorry, that was a reference to an actual WW2 operation in the Low Countries, Operation Market Garden


Fun Fact: We have a plan for fighting the whole world at the same time.

Also Fun Fact: It was considered a workable plan until China’s navy was expanded.

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Well, not anymore since Trump probably sold everything

BornVolcano, in Placebo

Image Transcription: Image and Text

This is a placebo meme.

[A large image of two red and white pill capsules, with one placed to lean at an approximate 45 degree angle against the second pill, which is lying horizontally. There is text above and below the image.]

Studies have shown that placebo memes are still upvoted even when users are aware they’re placebo.

^I’m a human volunteer transcribing posts in a format compatible with screen readers, for blind and visually impaired users!^

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Good human.

JaymesRS, in This is a real photo

Me waiting for someone to point at any time withholding your vote actually brought about measurable change in a positive direction.

its been 84 years meme from Titanic


Biden changed his entire Israel policy overnight because of people voting Uncommitted in the Michigan primaries.


He changed his entire messaging.


It’s more than messaging. Before he was just letting his staffers leak that he thought Netanyahu was a super mean bad-man while he did literally nothing. After Michigan he began aid drops on Gaza, he’s building his temporary shipping port, the Democrats are calling for Netanyahu to step down, and they’ve abstained from a UN ceasefire vote.

Don’t get me wrong, all of this is entirely insufficient. If Biden wanted to really make a difference, he would stop approving military aid to Israel and resume funding UNWRA. That should be the bare minimum of acceptable actions in the face of a genocide. That being said, what he’s doing now is more than just talk, it’s action. Entirely inadequate action.


Witholding your vote just means you give more chances to the person you least want to see in power.


In my district, in my state legislature, the other guy won by one vote in one election, and prevented a majority.


Electoral boycotts have a pretty deep history. You should probably look into that before sticking your foot in your mouth.


So instead of providing one example, your response is “do your own research”?


Voyajer, avatar

Does unintentionally bringing positive change count?


If the intention of withholding your vote like a boycott is to get a political operative to make a change, the change must be on purpose.

Hegar, in Skeletor loves you and wants you to live

Obviously everyone should have safe exit plans, a go-bag etc. Civil strife and natural disasters are both fed by climate change, so we'll see more of each this century.

That said, I'm very skeptical of any 'civil war' type situation because the military is still firmly in hand.

Isolated yall qaeda cells declaring a civil war from a bunker in idaho does not a civil war make.

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Meal Team Hicks*


Gravy Meals




I agree. I think it’s more likely that we’ll see sporadic acts of political violence over the next few decades. Those could lead to an eventual civil war, but it’s wayyy too early to call right now.

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Even better, when they film vertically, and then encode it to widescreen. Ensuring that no matter how you view it on a phone it's microscopic.


I love it when it’s a phone recording of a landscape 16:9 video playing with the phone in vertical orientation and huge black bars above and below. Then I can view this on my 21:9 monitor with extreme black bars on the sides and a teeny-tiny picture in the middle.


Omg I really really hate this with a passion

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This is the only thing i really hate. I don’t give a shit about vertical anymore. We lost that battle.

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Just like my penis

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the reason Michael Caine and Tim Curry are so good in their respective Muppet movies is that Michael Caine treats the Muppets as fellow actors, and Tim Curry treats himself as a fellow Muppet

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It’s really sad Tim Curry had a stroke.

He was always a great villain even in the cheesiest roles


He was even good on TV as Nigel St. Nigel.

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It took me until I saw that guy on tiktok who does a Nigel impression to learn that Tim Curry was the voice

Edit: So I misunderstood this comment and came to the wrong conclusion. I thought they were talking about Nigel Thornberry from Eliza and the Thornberry’s


You know that’s right!


If I’m not mistaken, he reads audio books! Unless those are all pre-stroke as well. He is, however, comfortable making public appearances again, so that’s pretty good too, at least.


The Three Musketeers is basically unwatchable without Tim Curry hamming it up in a cape.

The lead actors are all terrible.

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However, in most cases, Curry and coCaine will probably send you to the nearest bathroom.

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So close. It should’ve been Curry and My Cocaine.

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This is a powerful observation.


Man… I love this description so much, like a glimpse into the intellectual processes that go into the acting on screen, in best case scenarios like this one - top actors surrounded by sock puppets - there are crucial and consistent choices to be made.

It’s like what they say about dogs and cats.
Dogs see themselves as fellow humans.
Cats see humans as fellow cats.


I wish the “top serious actors being in Muppet films” continued to be some kind of badge of honor. (Kinda like how getting a Weird Al cover means you’re officially big time).

C’mon I wanna see Muppet shenanigans with Liam Neeson, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds! There should’ve been one with Alan Rickman!

I’m aware I’m missing a ton of talented names and I’m quite impressed I remembered those off the top of my head, but you get my drift lol.

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Current cancer treatments including radiotherapy and chemotherapy can cause secondary cancers too.


They sure do. That takes 10-20 years and in the meantime many patients experience an increased quality of life rather than a horrible death. I hope someday we develop a better method and I expect that doctors of the future will view this practice as barbaric, but at the moment it’s the best we got and better than nothing.

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I preferred the more subtle parody.


Oh my, I thought the beginning was already the parody, but that shit was real? Oof.


Yeah, I got to “What’s in the box?” before I cringed out. Love to see people taking the piss out of bad commercials.


What the fuck did I just put in my brain


A fucking gem.

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Remember, kids - when you boycott a business for being “woke”, you’re a patriot with strong moral values. When you cancel a business for “bigotry”, you’re ruining the economy, and part of the reason this country is going to hell.