I miss lifewater. Preferred it over VitaminWater but unfortunately that’s still around.


Dude i forgot about these!!! I used to call it sun juice when i was little. It was basically liquified sugar tho.


I miss Jones Juice Dave - green tea with hemp, ginseng, and royal jelly. I can still taste it, feel the jar with the metal cap.


I haven’t had sobe in years, now I want to try it and I can’t. Great.


That glass Lizz Blizz was divine…and I later learned it was like 350 calories, mostly from sugar, in a single bottle.

Holy crap lol.


Yeah Sobe is FUCKED up on sugar.


Haven’t seen these in Canada in probably a decade


Clearly Canadian is back though, so nature is healing


I remember it getting bought out. The older teas had about 5 ingredients on the label. Overnight they doubled or tripled. Of course we needed all those chemicals because they were cheaper than just making a good tea.

RIP_Cheems, avatar

Your what??? The fuck is lizard milk???


Increeedibly cost-ineffective to produce, I can tell you that much!

RIP_Cheems, avatar

But what is it?


Exactly what you would imagine. It’s a cow milk substitute, kind of like goat milk but sweeter and more commonly used in tea


I heard Pepsi bought it and that is when they started using scop instead of sugar. Plastic instead of glass. Fuck Megacorps.


I remember when Sobe came in a glass bottle

Thteven, avatar

I remember the firefighters that lived on my street would poke a hole in the top of an empty Sobe bottle cap and fill it halfway with gasoline before nestling the glass bottle inside their fire pit. They did this pretty much every weekend. The fireball was always impressive.

The_Picard_Maneuver, avatar

That’s the only way I remember it. I guess I had stopped drinking it before they switched to plastic. It’s probably my fault they stopped making it. Sorry.


Same. TIL.


So it’s both of your faults! Damn you internet strangers!


I’ve got a wicked scar on my right hand that can attest to that! I was riding my bike home from my supermarket job as a teenager without a light… While holding my Sobe drink in my hand… I didn’t see a retaining wall log that had fallen down onto the sidewalk so I hit it, tire-first. I flew over the handlebars and my hand landed on the bottle as it broke. Severed a nerve in the hand and damn-near hit an artery. Surgery to repair that, and I still have some numbness in it. Live and learn, but I’ll always think of that when someone mentions Sobe!


Any Mr. Green soda fans in the house?


No but seriously, what happened to my gecko glug glug?


Did they finally kill sobe? I used to chug that stuff as a kid, tried one a few years ago, not sure if it was always that sweet, or it went the way of most good indie (that was bought up by conglomerates) beverage distributors.

AHorseWithNoNeigh, avatar

I drank nothing but “Green Tea (with ginseng)” growing up.



AHorseWithNoNeigh, avatar

Yes and SoBe. It was just a popular product for a lot of drink makers in the early 2000’s. Too much sugar for me now, though.


As a kid? You’re making me feel old. Sobe was invented when I was an adult.

DagonPie avatar

Dont worry im 30 and got called old for posting this in a discord im in.

Dee, avatar

As a 31 year old, it’s true. 30 is the mark when people are allowed to start calling you old. Welcome, tapioca is on the shelf.


I’m almost 40 and I’m sure sobe was around when I was in school


Sobe first came on my radar around 2000, imma look it up for it, because I feel you aren’t that old… Idk maybe you are old, founded in 96, bought by Pepsi in 2000.


It was always that sweet. Everything we drank as kids was SUPER sweet, mostly still is. Once you break the sugar addiction and try those things again later the sweetness is shocking.


I quit drinking pop in my late teens to early 20s. It is genuinely difficult for me to finish a single can of pop now, no idea how I drank 2 litres of it a day as a kid without getting fat or diabetic.

GrammatonCleric, avatar

Ah yes, plastic Snapple


Those bottles were glass back in the day

GrammatonCleric, avatar

true true, they got enshittified towards the end

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