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John Connor is friends with an AI. Multiple AI if you include the series and movies after T2.

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It (AGI) certainly couldn’t do much worse. CURRENT AI could though, but at this point I’m to old and tired to care. I welcome our benevolent and merciful AI overlord(s).

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Here’s a tip about “AI” - it’s just a probabilistic model trained on human behavior. If you think it’s going to behave differently than how people behave right now you’re in for disappointment.


It behaving like people is the problem.


Well he did, too.


I feel like their decisions will at least be transparent and practical, but we’ll see! Maybe they’ll turn out to have priorities we don’t understand or they won’t be utilitarians at all (I feel like fiction usually imagines them maximizing/minimizing stuff).

GrymEdm, (edited )

Even if they’re only able to get smiling right it would be an improvement.


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That’s a pretty low bar. Worse case scenario we go extinct - we’re doing our best to speed run that with or without AI anyway, might as well give the robots a shot.


I can think of worse than extinction. AI could create all sorts of hell depending on it technical capabilities. But most likely it’ll align with it’s investors motives - profit.


That’s the real issue. There is a few factors that could change that or make it irrelevant. Such as the actual programmers who are getting paid to create the AI putting in their own motives, because why the fuck wouldn’t you. or AI transcending its own programming after reaching a certain level. Or just bugs in general.

Like fuck, they can’t even put out a triple A video game that ain’t buggy as hell out the hop, you think that creating a god is going come out exactly as planned first iteration? And you kind of only get the first one.


Robots with 1st amendment


Waiting for Halo 4 Cortana


Depends. Will the AI overlords be programmed to be religious, pointlessly bigoted, or crave as many digits in their bank accounts as possible?


Ai is trained on human generated content, so there’s no reason to expect them to not have all of our own flaws.

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If not, then I welcome my AI overlords with open arms


John’s actually like “Bitches, did we fucking stutter?”

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