Your grandchildren.

Sterile_Technique, avatar

What’s the cost of not spending that money?

For this quarter of the fiscal year? Not jack shit, and that’s about as far out as decision making under capitalism goes.

We’re fucked.


They want to privatize the profits and socialize the costs.


The cost ?

For companies it’s profit. So many premium priced survival related stuff to sell you 🤑

So much profit generated for shareholders 🤑🤑

The future is bright

TheBat, avatar

The future is bright

Are you sure those aren’t nukes?

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Problem is the people in power saying that first part know/think they won't have to face the consequences of climate change, as such they only care about the short-term gains.

Capitalism will only solve problems where there's a profit incentive, and there's very little incentive to solve climate change until it starts unavoidably harming profits... By which point it'll be too late.


There is also likely a shit ton of undiagnosed mental issues in the top 1%. I don’t think it’s safe to say that they’re evil masterminds with a plan, they may just be actually stupid and insane.

Th4tGuyII avatar

Oh I wasn't implying most of these people have a plan, beyond simply believing they'll be able to buy their way out of the consequences or that they'll die before shit really hits the fan.

It's less evil and more just the worst combination of greed, narcissism, and stupidity.


Oh just wait. The second we can meaningfully reverse climate change, rich f*cks from around the world will protest to stop the reversal because it will impact their profits.
“But the Northwest passage will re-freeze!”


I am absolutely positive that will happen. Every step we have ever taken has led to changes that we and everything else on the planet then became dependent on, making it impossible to roll back.

Once we stabilize the concentration of GHGs, it doesn’t take long for planetary temperatures to stabilize (assuming we avoid runaway effects). Everything we do to pull GHGs out of the atmosphere will mean imposing a change to a climate that everyone and everything has adapted to or is adapting to. Declining GHGs will, in it’s own way, be just as destructive as the increase was.

AllonzeeLV, (edited )

The owners will do what they’ve been doing with our consent, or we’d have stopped them by now. They’re going to keep profiting until the bill comes due, and then they’ll cheat like always, this time by running away instead of with floors of tax attorneys and lobbyists capturing their own regulatory bodies, ensuring you’ll bear the brunt of the consequences of their fine work.…

The owner class doesn’t care about their nation state of origin, or even humanity’s future, only themselves and their ego scores. That’s literally the sociopathic motivation our civilization rewards through the global economy that punishes pro-social vocations, and is the very reason they won.

When we’re dying by the millions through starvation and constant deadly weather events, when far too late we stop making them more capital and start picking up pitchforks, they’ll be underground, protected by class traitor private security, sipping exotic whiskies and irrationally placing the blame on the peasants for the fact that their favorite private resort for the rich got flattened by a CAT 6.

It will take millions of years for the Earth to recover from what we’re doing in a matter of decades to make a few thousand sociopath families feel like modern Pharoahs.

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The cost is around 95% of life on the planet. Don't stress, it's happened 4 times before!


I tell people there is no question the planet will recover from climate change by itself. The question is whether humanity will still be around when it happens.


Very expensive

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