Why am I feeling so stressed out?

There’s a test for that: the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale. You can look up that term online for more information. I’ve linked to one source that has a decent, short explanation, and the complete scale itself. Other sites can offer more in-depth perspective.

You may need to adjust some of the items for your specific circumstances. Note that the scale indicates that even “good” stuff in our lives (as well as, duh, “bad” stuff) can contribute to overall feelings of being off-kilter, out of it, not quite firing on all cylinders.

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Three years now. I can’t fucking take it anymore. 😢


This list of 17 life events doesn't seem too bad, I only have a few of these...

Oh, that's page 1, there are 25 more in the PDF and they're ranked by weighting.

I see.


burnout and deadlines are under “trouble with your boss”? What about too much tasks so you just procrastinating stress?

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Has Christmas occured in the last 12 months? Bump up your stress rating.

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