Mods4Ever FAQ and Links

What is the instance for?

It’s a collection of communities about our projects, which happen to be mostly randomizers! And also a community for The 7th Guest series because I made a bunch of contributions to ScummVM for these games and I love them.

What communities do you have?

!deus_ex_randomizer for Deus Ex Randomizer

!build_randomizer Build Engine Randomizer, this works for Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Blood, or Ion Fury

!rct_randomizer RollerCoaster Tycoon Randomizer, use with OpenRCT2

!sc2_randomizer StarCraft 2 Balance Patch Randomizer, this is for multiplayer and it’s like generating a new balance patch for every game!

!unreal_randomizer Unreal Randomizer

!dnf_randomizer Duke Nukem Forever (2001) Restoration Project Randomizer

!ut99_crowdcontrol Unreal Tournament (1999) Crowd Control and Randomizer

!stream_detective Stream Detective is a bot to alert when streams start on Twitch, you can have it search by game, title, and tags (we use this to alert us about new streams of people playing our mods, currently for Discord and Mastodon)

All of the above projects are open source on GitHub

And !stauf_mansion for discussion about The 7th Guest, The 11th Hour, The 13th Doll, The 7th Guest VR, the board game, Clandestiny, Tender Loving Care, Uncle Henry’s Playhouse, and more! I have made many contributions to Groovie engine in ScummVM which powers some of these games, definitely check them out for all your old adventure game needs.


Copy the link to a community from there, and paste it into your home instance’s search bar. (Note that searches won’t work if you aren’t logged in). For Mastodon or Kbin replace the ! with an @ sign and put it in your search bar.

Why don’t you allow signups?

In order to keep my server costs reasonable, I only want this to host the communities, not the users. Hosting users adds significant demands for federating remote posts/comments, and hosting the images that users are posting. See below to make an account on a different instance and you will still be able to interact with all our communities!

How do I use Lemmy?

  • Make an account

    • Make a Lemmy account, I would suggest doing it on or

      • Any server/instance will be able to interact with our communities, and you only need one account, you can use your home instance to access content from other instances.

  • Subscribe to communities

    • Copy the link to a community like or copy the full name of the community like !deus_ex_randomizer
    • Then paste it into your own instance’s search bar. (Note that searches won’t work if you aren’t logged in, and it may take 10 seconds for the remote search to finish)
    • Click the community and click Subscribe in the sidebar

Where else can I follow these projects?


Mastodon: @Die4ever and @theastropath

Github: and



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