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"What if everything was X?" but with computers



muh hate monero because illegal activities

You literally just ignored what I said. Also, CP can literally be found on the regular internet for free, it’s one of the reasons 8chan originally got shut down.

value of my currency changing significantly like crypto does

XMR is a stable coin, also that’s a lie because inflation.

HODL on brother

No thanks. XMR is a currency, not a stock. I do not support shit like DOGE for instance because it has no utility, XMR has a utility.

If you think that the total invasion of your privacy through digital means is a conspiracy, we cannot further continue this conversation. Your phone is literally a tracking device that is listening and pinging your location 24/7, your smart home devices are all listening to try and figure out what you are willing to buy to conglomerate data together and sell it to literally anyone who will buy it.

Again, sorry you have a hate fetish against XMR but like I said, that’s your choice. I’ll continue to use XMR for anything I can because it is a mission I believe in. If I genuinely thought it was a sham, I wouldn’t use it.

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Ruby: what if everything was an object?

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