Nature Valley: 10 bars in 5 packs

I was in a rush and I needed to pick up a quick snack that I could eat during class. I chose these Nature Valley bars which said they had ten bars inside. What I failed to notice is the tiny print at the bottom where it says 5 x 2, i.e., 5 packets with two bars.

Lo and behold when I open a pack during a break, I find two bars inside. I didn’t want to eat two bars, just one. You can’t even just leave the other fucking bar inside because they create so MANY crumbs. How the fuck are you supposed to seal it???

Stupid-ass deceptive printing got the better of me. It’s not the end of the world, just mildly infuriating.


You’re eating them wrong obviously. Smash it with your fist, pour it out in a neat line, and snort it like you mean business. Bonus points if done in public.


Ha I once fell for this same issue with the exact same bars. To be fair they’re so darn tasty I’ve fallen for it again several times since!


What’s next count total number of crumbs?

Because these bars are. Always full of crumbs

JustEnoughDucks, avatar

Lol this was one of the earlier nature valley bar, before their single packed one. They were around 15 years ago at least. Always been packed per 2 with the hope that you will just eat 2 at a time

Kolanaki, avatar

Every product that comes with individually wrapped pairs or triplets is like this. They tell you how many individual consumables are in the box in huge font, with clarification that it’s 2xX or 3xX in tiny unreadable font.

It’s shitty as fuck.


That packaging surely caused Doppel Trouble.


I’ve had limited problems with nature Valley bars and crumbs.

ikidd, avatar

That’s how they’ve always been sold.


For the rest of the box, break the bars in half (while still in the wrapper) and eat the two top halves for the equivalent of one bar. The you can wrap up the remaining halves more securely.


I would tell you to grow a pair BUT the fact that they go stale in like 15 minutes….


Not discounting your mild infuriation, but I am 100% certain that if they switched to being individually wrapped tomorrow, a complaint about excessive packaging would be one of the top posts here.

I’m not sure about Germany, but these have been sold in the US for decades now, and have always been 2 bars per wrapper as long as I can remember.


… I am 100% certain that if they switched to being individually wrapped tomorrow, a complaint about excessive packaging would be one of the top posts here.

You’re undeniably right. The best situation would be to not have any wrapping at all… but with the crumb situation, that’d be another top post here :/


I’m all for reduxcing packaging but…ewww I’m not eating these from an unsealed box. Bugs love the crumbs…I can imagine they’d love the full bars, too. Not to mention rodents.

The box would have to be fully resealable, too, or they’d be gross so they’d need to replace the cardboard with plastic

Swedneck, avatar

so like just put them in resealable plastic bags, that’s a better use of the plastic than 5 small packages and means you don’t need the cardboard either!


To make them not turn to dust in transit, they’d need to be in a hard shell sleeve wrapped in plastic like Oreos…and they’d still likely get crushed a bit.

I’m not a packaging engineer but that seems like more plastic with little added benefit


They sell it without individual wrappers, it’s just müsli.

IceFoxX, (edited )

I am rather surprised that OP expected 10 “large” bars. He wanted to eat 1 large bar, but instead just acted like a child with 2 small bars (2 small bars = 1 large bar). Complaining for bullshit reasons.

I am also sure that 2 small bars would weigh less than 1 large bar.


To be fair, this post is pretty much the epitome of mildly infuriating.


I realize that my answer was wrong and ignorant. I also disregarded the fact that OP could be assuming 10 small individually wrapped bars.


They have always been packaged that way in the US. The peanut butter ones somewhat mitigate the crumb situation.


I don’t think it’s a problem that it’s 2 bars in each package, but it should say 5 packages rather than 10 bars. The company knows what they’re doing.

Blackout, avatar

This is the type of complaint you would expect a granola bar eater to have.


Your failure was not getting the Sweet and Salty Peanut chewy granola bar. Damn good!

stembolts, (edited )

I hate these bars, I have no idea how anyone tolerates eating it anywhere indoors.


The secret is to dip them in coffee or tea.


The secret is to not buy them if you ask me.


Honey Oats & GetTheVacuum


I have a buddy who prefers these over the chewy dipped versions and I can confirm he is a pyschopath


It’s easy. Do what the other commenter said and break them before opening. They suggest in half, I prefer in thirds. Then after you eat the solid pieces you dump the crumbs into your mouth. If they made them less crumbly, I don’t think they’d be as good.


Nah the secret is to push just enough out of the wrapper to have a bite and let the crumbs fall down into the wrapper, and repeat until you only have crumbs. Same with the second bar. Then just pour the crumbs into your mouth.


Too risky. I’d rather have bite size pieces than try to catch the crumbs in the tiny wrapper


The easiest way to consume them is to wack them a couple times with your palm and then just pour the dust directly into your mouth.


Or better, put the pack in the bottom of your backpack and at lunchtime pour the whole smashed bag of crumbs into a little tub of yogurt and eat it with a spoon 🥄

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