"Definitive Extended Complete Deluxe Ultimate Special Edition"


This bullsh*t right here is getting out of hand in the Nintendo eShop. I can understand the existence of things like an “ultimate” edition if an older game got lots of extra content later and the devs decided to sell the base game and DLC as a bundle. Or a “complete” edition if multiple games of the same franchise are sold as a bundle.

But FFS if your singleplayer offline game isn’t even released yet, there is absolutely no need to deliberately rip content from the base game just to sell it as a “bonus” or split the content across different editions so people would have to pay extra for stuff that’s not in the “base game” - that’s just corporate greed, nothing else.

Oh and the “ultimate edition” costs 109,99 by the way, with ca 70,00 worth of cosmetical extras. Not more content, more quests or more story; just swim suits and sunglasses for the characters. WTH.

If it was just this one game, I would laugh at their idiocy and just move on, but those “editions” seem to slowly turn into the standard sales model in the eshop, especially with newly released games or ones that are “coming soon” like in the example above.

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waiting to upvote this post until the "Definitive Extended Complete Deluxe Ultimate Special Edition" PlusRemaster comes out. it's okay I'm patient and I'll wait for this post to get patched.


This only works if it’s Skyrim.


People always say that the only solution is to vote with your wallet, but clearly the average consumer is a moron so maybe some regulation of pricing models is in order.


Average consumer these days eat all this shit up unfortunately.

People preorder any old shit, they buy the ultra deluxe editions because they get some red boots for a character and the new thing thats hot right now: X days early access!

People have 0 patience atm, they dont wanna wait a month to see if a game sucks or to save a bit of money, they fork over anything for anything and its completely ruined the triple A gaming scene, with it trickling down into less budgeted games now.

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When I learned that people actually buy even the deluxe digital edition of games I was blown away.

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That old George Carlin bit is more relevant than ever:


New game releases can be exhausting with the amount of editions they sell. A lot of companies rely on FOMO too which makes things even worse…


Agreed. Also Game of the year editions for games that have one award from some obscure website in lickmydikistan. Though I appreciate the Game of the year complete editions that really contain all DLC, years after release. Actually feels like I am getting the whole game.


Yea things like these makes me not want to buy a game at all




You said it best, corporate greed. It sucks the gaming industry has moved to this model of selling their customers junk. I still personally value the in game cosmetics that you earn over store bought ones. I know this is different for a single player game but still frustrating nonetheless.

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