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The FTC’s lawsuit against Amazon is actually insane. It’s like they have a cheat code for printing money. Google is definitely just as bad, worse even as they control much of the internet, right down to the architecture.



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Its time to ‘AT&T’ Alphabet/Google/YouTube.


Actor de metodo


Take me back to the days of FFVII’s Aerith Theme midi playing in the background of someone’s Geocities site dedicated to Chrono Trigger. The non-consumer driven Web…


That was nice but early reddit days, before subreddits, were the best days of the Internet.


That spirit lived on in Tumblr, until the company set itself on fire.

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Or give me the joy of discovering a webforum dedicated to some niche community you were interested in, and making actual, real-life friends with the people you met there. Can’t say that I’ve made a connection like that since, oh, Burning Crusade-era WoW at the latest.


I was totally addicted to wow and it definitely hurt my social development, but damn if those aren’t great memories

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From Vanilla through Wrath I played with a core group of college buddies and we collected more friends as we moved between guilds on our server. Out of that extended group resulted two marriages and a half-dozen or so real-life friendships with people from all over the country and from all walks of life. I struggle to imagine anything like that happening on the Internet as we know it now. Social media seems engineered to promote only passing and often hostile interaction with people outside of your core group, and games have engineered away all of forced social interaction of community servers, clan/party/guild formation in favor of fast and frictionless matchmaking that pairs you up with randoms that you may never see again after one game. The early Internet promised to connect you with people from all over the world, but we’ve collectively decided instead that we just want easy, tokenized interactions with people who we never have to get to know.


OMG, the kids will soon start to make fun of us ranting about “the good ol days”


If people are actually acknowledging this maybe we could do something about it.

Google should have been (should be?) nationalized. Or maybe stick it under the USPS. (If only people weren’t constantly trying to kill the USPS…)


This is an interesting idea! I’ve never heard something like this suggested before.


Tell me no one actually needed to be told that. Please. For my sanity.


Hold on let me Google it…

Sorry, just seven pages of ads about vacuums because I bought one six months ago and links that all go to the same regurgitated article that only vaguely mentions it 🙃

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Please tell me no one thinks that evidence < anecdotes? Please, for my sanity…

The sad state of knowledge & logic aside:

There is SIGNIFICANT value to proving something we all think is true. This means action can be taken, it can be cited in argument, and is actually credible as opposed to a “feeling” that’s it’s worse.

Sure, we “know” it’s worse. I’ve experienced search results getting worse and worse for what seems like nearly 10 years now. But I have no proof of this, as such it’s an anecdote.


Capitalism does not work well when companies are too big. No one can compete unless you are already very rich. That sucks.


Funny, but this isn’t the best example. The Atlantic has been a subscription magazine for coming on 200 years now. It’s also one of the few places you can get non click bait articles without ads.

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Trust corporations to ruin something people enjoy.


I believe what you meant to write is “The internet IS worse”

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It’s called enshittification.


Dead on.

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I thought this was the joke


Simple, capitalism found a new promised land. The next space to fill up. And manifest destiny within.

Unfortunately but fortunately as well, it’s an infinite space. Early money has built large infrastructure within it. It’s been built over time and now is so massive it’s hard to comprehend in the real world. It’s nearly impossible to compete with them other than them tearing themselves down, but the space is still nearly infinitely large and competitors can still rise in the fringe and who knows after decades maybe rise to the same kinda massive company

So now we must limit the infinite. Cull all of it to the finite they can control. The virtual world is real, the metaverse is already upon us, and unfortunately it’s already starting to look like the late capitalism asphalt shopping plazas.

So it’s worse cause it’s built for the investors and being limited for them too. It’s why people beg for the next BIG thing, so that they can find new land or new ways to control this 4th space.

@snausagesinablanket@lemmy.world avatar

so that they can find new land or new ways to control this 4th space. Pretty sure that Meta was meant to be the next big market space.

I think Zuckerberg was expecting all of us to sit in a chair with VR headsets on all day and buy buy buy.

I personally feel like it’s a total invasion of my privacy because it learns “me” and then tries to influence my every move a lot more intimately than cookies in a browser does.


100% absolute control over your life to sell you as much as possible… And people consider that a utopia and not a problem

@TheSaneWriter@lemmy.thesanewriter.com avatar

It also shows how detached some of these billionaires really are. A VR system is not yet affordable for the majority of Americans, and the technology has much more development to do before it's as widespread as video game consoles, never mind PCs.


Yah don’t see a small player coming around anytime soon. People don’t realise how uterlu massive these tech companies are.


Yeah no. Not a chance we see valid competitors until cracks really start forming in the services these monopolies can offer. It’s gotta get worse before there can be competition and so they can t just buy them and aquire it to break immediately. I mean we can see some monopolies having their fun ruined look at Twitter; but Facebook, Amazon and Google have money in reserve and an ad system (or AWS) that pays all the bills still.

But yeah people don’t comprehend that these massive online companies are all the Nestle of their space and people can’t even comprehend what being the Nestle of Nestle is, and the power they wield.

@MataVatnik@lemmy.world avatar

The virtual world is real, the metaverse is already upon us, and unfortunately it’s already starting to look like the late capitalism asphalt shopping plazas.


@STRIKINGdebate2@lemmy.world avatar

Yup. It definitely feels like over time the human element of the Internet has been replaced by a corporate one. The most blatant example I can think of is youtube. Nowadays it’s so obvious rigged in the favour of already established media and a select few content creators.


Yeah I’m feeling less like a participant, and more like a consumer on the “greater internet” (five big), compared to the early days when corporate presence was minimal, and not remotely slick or subtle. It was like dorky and obvious, and didn’t seem remotely like a threat.

@GladiusB@lemmy.world avatar

Anywhere there is money there are charlatans


Feeling like a consumer is a great way to put it. It especially feels more and more like it when trying to do even the most mundane tasks. Like if you own a product but need to ask a question on Google about it, first you have to scroll past the links to pages trying to sell you the product you typed in, then you might get some reddit links, 2-3 from a smaller forum, and then more links trying to sell you the product. It will say there’s thousands of results, but it’s just the same 6 links to purchase the product over and over again. So now even basic web searches are mainly for buying stuff.


And then now that Alphabet owns YouTube, the first couple results are always monetized videos… It’s brutal.


Search is broken. It’s been getting worse year over year and Google / Bing and all the various offshoots that are JUST GOOGLE AND BING (this isn’t a fucking secret, people. You can slap whatever algo you want over Google / bing and it’s still fucking Google and bing. And a jolly go duck duck fucK yourself to the lot of them).

I pay $10/month for kagi. Its worth it.


Sounds interesting. I’ll check it out. BTW I like how unhinged your comment is - you sound like a fun person who I wish I knew IRL

@CosmicCleric@lemmy.world avatar

I can’t tell if you forgot to add a “/s” to the end of your comment or not.


I was being genuine. I appreciate their passion


I’ve been using SearX for about a week, and so far it’s pretty decent.


Link to kagi? Or are you going to make us Google it?



Daft_ish, (edited )

But we act like youtube is something more then just a place to post videos. We can build a new youtube tomorrow if people weren’t so invested in it. If you have some content on YouTube you just can’t live without fine but for everything else lets migrate… sorry, got a little preachy.

Edit: I get all you think everything’s impossible. I get it, I’m not going to be the one to make new youtube but obviously if it were to happen you are not the ones I would pitch to.


I get your heart’s in the right place. But good luck finding investors to pay for the massive infrastructure costs to back your YouTube alternative (read competitor) without a plan to extract money from someone. Not even to break even, but to turn a profit.

It would be nice if there was public money to create these alternatives - that was m way you wouldn’t have to worry about profit, just whether your solution is meeting the public need.

AceFuzzLord, (edited )

I don’t know how much it costs to run or how ads fully function on the service, but we do have Odysee. I have yet to have seen a single ad from my collection in the app outside of creators whose vid that’s also up on yt having a sponsored segment.


Just booted up the app for the first time in a while and they have some minor things. Noticed a little bar at the top with a list of channels and scrolled down to find a featured section.


That said I’m with you. I try to avoid YouTube whenever I can. Wish more people would do the same


Yeah, that’s completely untrue… The reason we can’t just create a new youtube is the same reason there aren’t more ISPs. The infrastructure cost is too high.

You can’t just build a site that allows video uploads and playback, throw it on a Pi and release it to the world. You need scalability, and that costs money.

Maybe the end solution is a distributed system, but that’s not something you can easily sell to the average Joe that doesn’t give a shit about the “how” or “why” with Youtube, and simply wants to watch videos.

I’m not saying that Google isn’t the scum of the earth, but there is currently no feasible way to recreate what they’ve made/bought without an absolutely stupid amount of money.


If that’s what you really think, that’s fine.

SaltySalamander avatar

It's objective fact.

@Hagels_Bagels@lemmygrad.ml avatar

Maybe the end solution is a distributed system

I think this already exists and is called PeerTube. In my experience it doesn’t work very well.


YouTube itself is bound to implode because of the cost of all that infrastructure… sheesh. I recently reduced my YT time to the bare minimum, after being screwed out of premium (light), and found out about Peertube. It’s pretty bare bones, but viral videos can use P2P to offload the main server, which I thought was smart and fair. So, federated YouTube can be done I think. It won’t be easy though, or cheap.


We can build a new youtube tomorrow

Unfortunately not. The cost would be astronomical. Youtube bled money like a stuck pig for a long time, and their monetization has turned out predictably awful, every time.

Don't get me wrong, the competition would be great, or at least having the option of something... less Youtube. There's a reason you don't see a lot of alternatives around, though, and certainly nothing at the same kind of scale.


I miss the day when you could search YouTube for something like “JFK skyclub” and actually get video of the Skyclub at JFK. Today you’ll get 15-minute videos that are 90% a guy talking about his thoughts on JFK, or Skyclub, or airlines, or whatever. If you’re really lucky, some of them may feature a few seconds of actual footage of Skyclub.

It’s not just Skyclub or travel videos. If I search for “repair mr coffee” I want to see a howto, not someone’s SEO-optimized long winded lecture about whatever coffeemakers they’re selling.


“Don’t forget to hit the bell and smash that like and subscribe button!”


Yes but it is also way bigger then it was. The amount of data that YouTube has now is just insane. I wonder when they’ll start culling old videos.


I think they already began removing old, inactive channels some time ago…

tdawg, (edited )

So the weird thing is you can still do this but only if YouTube thinks you’re the right audience for it. My grandfather looks up all kinds of old things on YouTube and almost always get exactly what he wants on the first hit. However if I do it it ends up more like your example. Interesting and annoying at the same time


Sounds like it would actually make sense to have a handful of different accounts, each account optimized (through search/watch history or something) for a specific type of content you want to search for.

Otherwise, 3rd-party search engines are often better than YouTubes own search for finding obscure/rare/unpopular/unlisted/demonetized videos.

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