lost my email because of Google 2FA

TL;DR, my computer broke because I spilled water onto it. I got a new phone recently and my number was changed, so I couldn't use that to log back in with 2-step verification, and I tried send it to my alternate email instead. It says I have to "wait 24 hours" but I never get the fucking verification email so apparently I have lost my email account and everything attached to it.

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my computer broke because I spilled water onto it.

Your hard drive is probably fine.

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Too late for OP, but for everyone that can get into their accounts but doesn't know what the backup codes are, go here, select 'backup codes' and then keep them in a safe place.

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I made the account when I was 13 so I didn't know about the codes. That makes sense though

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We really need some legislation for those cases. Your digital “life” also deserves some rights. You should have some way to legally appeal a permanent ban or other lock-outs. Similar to how a GDRP data request works.


You didn't keep your 2fa backup codes like they tell you to do?

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I never got it is the problem. after waiting for way longer than it said.

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When you setup the account they gave you a document with a number of codes that you could print out and save for just a case like this.

If you have tied a credit card to the account there is a chance you could use that to prove ownership and have support get you back in.

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