Couture penthouses hit the market, with prices

From the Article:

The penthouse at the top of the Couture tower – Wisconsin’s tallest residential building – is being marketed for lease for $11,650 a month.

That’s the highest-priced unit listed for the 44-story building at the downtown Milwaukee lakefront. Those penthouses are to open to tenants in August, but apartments in the Couture’s fourth through 30th floors will be ready for move-ins in April, according to a Thursday announcement by Barrett Lo Visionary Development. That move-in date follows a more than decade-long effort by Milwaukee-based Barrett Lo to get the about $190 million project approved and financed.

The top levels of the Couture have two penthouses, each with about 2,350 square feet. The two-level units have three bedrooms, 2.5 baths and outdoor terraces with about 350 square feet. The north-facing penthouse is priced at $11,585 a month, and the slightly larger south-facing one is $65 more.

The pricing goes down to $2,045 a month for the smallest apartment, a one-bedroom with 576 square feet facing west on the building’s fifth floor. In between are a number of two-bedroom units priced starting around $3,865 a month.

“The Couture will mark Milwaukee as a premier destination for discerning individuals who value living a world-class lifestyle in our energetic and beautiful city,” said Rick Barrett, founder of Barrett Lo. “We’re thrilled to welcome our soon-to-be residents to their new home.”

The Couture’s amenities include its outdoor terrace with a swimming pool with views of Lake Michigan, 24-hour concierge service, a dog park and an indoor clubhouse and lounge. The lower levels of the building also have large public spaces, including a park that will open this summer and a transit center to be served by The Hop streetcar system beginning in April.

There is about 45,000 square feet of retail space on the Couture’s three lower levels. No tenants have been announced.

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