Gary's Pet Jungle to close soon

From the Article:

Following nearly 30 years in business, Gary’s Pet Jungle (2857 S. Howell Ave., 414-744-3338) will soon be closing its doors once and for all. Opened by owner, operator, and namesake Gary Johnson, the pet and pet supply retailer has served animal lovers in the Bay View neighborhood and beyond since July of 1994. Sadly, the store’s days are numbered, as Johnson plans to end the business in the next few months.

We spoke with Johnson—who does not own the property where his business has existed for nearly three decades—at Gary’s Pet Jungle on Sunday afternoon. Though he declined our request to be interviewed, he confirmed that he intends to shutter the store in the near future. A closing date has not yet been determined, but Johnson tells us the end of his Pet Jungle could be as soon as the next month or two.

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