BasicallyClean avatar

God he's such a joke.

EmptyRadar avatar

This is either an intentional joke or no one told Alex who this dude actually is

ivanafterall avatar

I don't follow UFC/MMA, but I'm confidently predicting Alex Pereira (whoever that is) is about to get his ass kicked, possibly in historic fashion.


Isn’t this the guy who paired up with the Maricopa County Sheriff to televise a fatal no-knock raid?

FfaerieOxide avatar

Isn't he the guy who shat himself after getting choked out post explaining how it was impossible for him to get choked out?

ugmug avatar

Yep. I am not sure why fighters have tapped him over the years and I doubt he provides any real training value. Maybe they do it for the memes at this point.

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