Saying the quiet part out loud:

“The endgame is to allow things to drag on until union members start losing their apartments and losing their houses,” a studio executive told Deadline.

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These studio execs are absolutely disgusting.


The execs literally sound like the villains in their movies and shows.


Back in the day they used to use more direct methods and I bet they still would today if they could get away with it.


Can someone explain why SAG-AFTRA is on strike? is is just solidarity with writers? I have a hard time giving a shit about actors not making enough money when there are people way worse off.

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Because studios have suddenly become veryt reticent about guaranteeing actor's control of their own likeness with regard to AI perfornances, for one thing.

I have a hard time giving a shit about actors not making enough money when there are people way worse off.

I love the idea that you think that the majority of actors are hugely well-paid. Most are struggling. The fact that you see stars going out on strike is about - yes their own contracts- but also to protect the rights of the thousands of actors who work in in supporting roles etc.


Supply and demand. Everyone wants to be an actor, doesn't mean everyone gets to be one. Absolutely an oversupply in that industry. Same with tons of other industries, so cry me a river.

I looked at pay, it's actually very good across the board.

The AI thing is interesting, but I thought that was tertiary to these other points.

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You’re looking at fees for movies with a $2m budget only. In 2022 there were a total of 449 movies released in the US in total. You are completely ignoring television, advertising and promotional and streaming production.


Get me dem numbers then with your counterpoint.

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Sure. Here you go. The New Media rates are what you need to look at


$125 per day for the lowest budget film possible ie lowest rate possible as an actor? Seems pretty ok to me given the ROI on a 250k budget film. It's only upwards from there. Again, I'm not sure what you expect. Wannabe actors are a dime a dozen. Supply and demand.


And this is why union busting has been a priority over the last 50 years. If everything supplying a studio came through unionized shops, the studios wouldn't get shit die to not crossing picket lines and would be stuck.


This is why you pay your union dues, to prevent this sort of action from happening.

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