The Ring. Nice and creepy small-scale brain worm.

Though probably another victim of how televisions no longer show static. Analog electronics were such a gift to horror movies. Solid blue was at least weird lighting. Nowadays a device mysteriously turning itself on is probably going to show a whole desktop background and helpful instructions. SpoOOooky!

1simpletailer, (edited )
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Trick R Treat is a Halloween Classic, watch that if you haven’t

Gonna recommend some slower artsy horror films that I really enjoyed but aren’t for everyone. If you enjoyed the movies like The VVitch and Hereditary they may be right up your ally.

-A Dark Song (Slow Burn Occult Horror inspired by an actual ritual done by Alester Crowley)

-The Endless (Low-budget Cosmic Horror story about two brothers returning to the UFO cult they escaped from as children)

-Annihilation (Cosmic Horror. A team of female Scientist must cross a growing barrier which allows no people or communication to escape.)

-Men (Folk Horror. A traumatized woman retreats to a quiet English village but finds herself tormented by its inhabitants.)

-The Empty Man (Based on a graphic novel, sort of a mix of a Slasher and Cosmic Horror. A bit overlong and needed to be edited, but enjoyable none-the-less)

-Suspiria (Both the original and the 2016 remake, they are best enjoyed together as the remake compliments the original rather well. A young American woman enrolls in a prestigious German dance school where not everything is as it seems)

-His House (A refugee family flees to the UK. Can they escape the ghosts and trauma of their past while attempting to adjust to their new life?)

-Amulet (Another topical horror film involving refugees in the UK. An ex-soldier moves in to a new flat occupied by a woman and her ill mother where he is tormented by ghost past and present.)

-The Blackcoats Daughter (Slow Burn Religious Horror. Two girls are left alone at a Catholic boarding school over winter break when one of them begins to exhibit unsettling behavior)

Might update with more later if I think of them.

@canthidium@lemmy.world avatar

The Empty Man, which sounds dumb, is surprisingly really good. That whole opening is a masterclass of tension.

The Endless is so good, and you have to watch Resolution, if only for the connections and easter eggs.

@1simpletailer@startrek.website avatar

The same duo behind The Endless and Resolution released a film on Netflix called Synchronic that also has ties to the other two. Personally I found it to be the weakest of the trilogy but it was worth watching. Its much more accessible to mainstream audiences and is more a sci-fi thriller then horror.

@canthidium@lemmy.world avatar

Oh I had no idea that was made by them as well. I’ve heard mixed about it, but I’ll have to check it out. Thanks!

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Alltime horror favs:

  • Braindead
  • Shining
  • The Exorcist

Terrifier 1

@canthidium@lemmy.world avatar

I just finally watched both Terrifiers and they are…something, lol. Art the Clown could be a classic like other slashers soon. Hope they can increase the budget and work on acting and story a little more for the next one.

@timmoe85@norden.social avatar

Ist Part 1 worth it? I only watched Part 2 because of the reviews


I say watch All Hallows Eve first since that’s where he made his first minor appearance but it’s optional. The first is definitely recommended though

@timmoe85@norden.social avatar

@chrischryse ahh thanks too, I was not aware of another appearance


It’s part of an anthology, but I liked it.

@canthidium@lemmy.world avatar

If you enjoyed 2, I’d say watch 1. It’s a lot lower budget, but it’s a fun watch I think.

@timmoe85@norden.social avatar

I liked Part 2 a lot. Will take a look despite of lower budget.


lol I honestly hate clowns, but Art is my favorite. The moment I saw him in All Hallows Eve I did research and found out there was a movie about him and I loved it. The second one way good, but I hate the way he was defeated lol

They are working on a 3rd too I hope they don’t go overboard and kill his legacy lol

@canthidium@lemmy.world avatar

Yeah, I love horror clowns, lol. The 90s IT miniseries was my favorite as a kid. Oh and Killer Klowns from Outer Space, haha.


Ha! Same, the Killer Klowns are probably my second favorite and 90s it is 3rd


If you’re into silly B-splatters, the Hatchet trilogy is great.


I was afraid it was going to be another boring teen horror with social networking BS in it but no, I was very pleasantly surprised with “Talk to me”.

Very inventive, with great energy and atmosphere.

@canthidium@lemmy.world avatar

Oh yes, I was pleasantly surprised with Talk to Me. One of my favorites of the year, honestly.


M3GAN is a fun movie, if not overly horror.

There’s talk about a Chucky v M3GAN movie that I really hope gets made, because that would be off the rails in such a banging way


My wife and I recently binged through “The Conjuring” extended universe.

  • The Conjuring
  • The Conjuring 2
  • The Conjuring: Devil Made Me Do It (not that great)
  • Annabelle
  • Annabelle Creation
  • Annabelle Comes Home
  • The Nun (Kinda boring)
  • The Nun 2

It’s a fun time and you can watch each of the series of movies somewhat independently of the others, but I recommend starting with Conjuring 1 and 2 first.

They’re not the greatest horror of all time, however, all but 2 of them are fun watches. Conjuring 3 and The Nun we’re pretty boring imo.

@canthidium@lemmy.world avatar

The Conjuring: Devil Made Me Do It (not that great)

Not the biggest Conjuring fan, but this was so disappointing.


It felt unfocused to me. And generally, human villains are far less scary than paranormal/demonic ones. That witch didn’t feel like much of a real threat.


Threads (1984 BBC tv movie banned from rebroadcast for 40 years due to being too horrifying). It’s about the death of hope, and how all that remains after is to hope for death.

Edit: I’ve seen it once. That was enough, I never want to see it again.


Night of the Hunter

theJWPHTER88 avatar

May I suggest: Feng Shui (2004) and The Road (2008)? Both come from the Philippines, and are generally considered to be modern local horror classics in here.


Sin city


The visit


Sinister is my favorite horror movie


Two foreign ARTSTY horror films:

Posession 1981 (French/German) there will never be another film like it.

Suspiria 1977 (Italian) another one-of-a-kind-film. Thees both have their flaws, but to me it only adds character. Their motifs are comletely realized and both had lasting effects on the horror genre.

@canthidium@lemmy.world avatar

I just watched Possession for the first time recently and was blown away. No idea how I never heard of it before. It just sucks you in.

aebrer avatar

Gotta mention The Thing (1982). Impeccable cinematography, sounds, colors, everything. Practical effects that are still unsettling today, and good old fashioned "humans are not enough and never will be" horror.

@canthidium@lemmy.world avatar

Will always upvote The Thing. It’s probably my favorite scifi horror. And it holds up so well.

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