I feel iffy on this. I loved the original Karate Kid growing up, but absolutely hated the 2010 remake. Partly because I feel like it is following the trend of just lumping every Asian character into a generic “Kung Fu Guy” stereotype with no room for nuance.

Like, in the original, Mr. Miyagi’s backstory as a Japanese war veteran was pretty significant to his character, and karate being a specifically Japanese fighting style made sense for him to teach.

Not to say you have to be Japanese to learn karate, but that wasn’t even the premise in the 2010 movie, where Mr. Miyagi was swapped out for the Chinese Mr. Han, and the discipline being learned is kung fu, not karate. But that doesn’t matter, does it? Because as far as the white people in the audience are concerned, there’s basically no difference. Asian is Asian, right?

(And being a movie made in cooperation with China Film Group, which is a propaganda arm of the Chinese government, they definitely couldn’t have Mr. Han also be a war veteran who regretted his years of service, because who could ever regret fighting for glorious communism?)

nevernevermore avatar

I never saw the Jaden smith film, but that’s a bad joke right? That it’s kung fu, not karate? How did they even think it appropriate to still call it karate??


I saw the Jaden Smith film and it’s…okay. But yeah…it’s not karate. It’s kung fu. They even say that in the movie.

Yet they still called it The Karate Kid.

canthidium, avatar

Yeah, it was fine but as an Asian American, the name bothered me. I dunno why they didn’t just call it “The Kung Fu Kid” and market it as a spiritual successor.


I was going to write this almost verbatim in my comment above but cut it for length. 100% agree.

canthidium, avatar

I love that we’re getting all this Asian cinema nowadays, but there’s still more to do. Like you said, lumping all Asians together still. And even still, a lot is all about being Asian. Say what you will about the Fast and Furious movies, but the character of Han is what we need more of. A character that just happens to be Asian, and his whole personality isn’t just “Asian dude”. He’s just a guy, and that’s awesome.


It is explicitly kung fu. They say as much in the film.

They just called it The Karate Kid for brand recognition. It's not like they haven't abused the name before.

southsamurai, avatar

It is such a bad movie, too. Like, if they’re going to do that, you’d think it would be a great film, but nooooooo.


Oh my god. Just write a new story with new characters. Why does everything have to be a shitty sequel?

I can’t wait for modern “film” to go under. Big movie studios haven’t been producing movies worth watching or remembering in a long time.

downpunxx avatar

oh. no. pls. no. pls. no. fuck.


No thank you.


Why not?



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  • Bonehead,

    Sometimes it's worth it. I actually quite enjoyed Cobra Kai, and watching Johnny change from the bad guy into the hero and watching Daniel struggle to not become the bad guy. If they can springboard a movie off of that setup, it could be good.


    I have a theory 80s kids that turned producers later on are replaying out some 80s nostalgia out the wazoo. The most egregious examples imo being two! Two giant Pac-Mans being used independently, one in that Adam Sandler movie and the other in GotG Vol 2.

    originalucifer, avatar

    it could be interesting in that the grown 'karate' kid befriends a chinese kung fu artist and theres all kinds of nuance learned between the japanese artform he knows and this new, foreign form, artist and its history.

    but it wont be.


    Agreed. Not interested.

    Deceptichum avatar

    Fuck Jackie Chan, piece of shit.

    HubertManne avatar

    boy I can't believe how different I feel about him today than I did decades ago. I would have listed him as one of my favorite celebrities before 2000


    Must have missed it. What did he do?


    Me too, what’s wrong with him?


    He’s considered pro-CCP and anti-Hong Kong democracy despite being a Hongkonger

    southsamurai, avatar

    Eh, it’s part politics, but also part the way he treats people, including his children. Not a good person outside of his public persona, if all reports are true.

    We’re not talking some kind of rapist here, just being an asshole to people that he had no need to be an asshole to, mostly employees.

    The political shit is absolutely true, btw, he’s made the statements supporting the ccp and against Hong Kong independence publicly, but I don’t really count that against someone that lives in and/or is from the areas, just not my business (regardless of disagreeing).

    The other stuff is fairly well known, but it’s mostly “alleged” because there’s no proof for every bit of it. But you can find the parts about him and his son easy enough, and make your own judgement there.

    HubertManne avatar

    other people in the thread are more detailed but as hong kong protested being swallowed up he licked the boots of the ccp with his public statements. Hes a shill at this point pure and simple. There is some personal stuff about him but for me I have friends in hong kong. Can you imagine being swallowed up by russia and one of your own saying how its only right and natural and really you are russian. I won't watch a film by him at this point. I think karate kid was actually the last one I saw and I did not really think of it as a jackie chan movie or I might have skipped it. Wish I had as it was pants. Pretty much should do that if I hear a smith child is in the movie at this point.

    Deceptichum avatar

    “I'm not sure if it's good to have freedom or not. I'm really confused now. If you're too free, you're like the way Hong Kong is now. It's very chaotic. Taiwan is also chaotic,"

    “I'm gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. If we're not being controlled, we'll just do what we want.”

    Basically he sold his people out for state benefits and has hoped into bed with the party.

    There’s also the parental stuff, basically telling his son to rot in jail after getting arrested with a bit of weed and disowning his lesbian daughter.


    Yep. He was a hero of mine growing up. Now? I can’t stand the man. He’s well and truly sold his soul, and been a shitty parent and human being.

    originalucifer, avatar

    ill watch it, but only because it was designed for me; the mary poppins of mediocrity


    Well, at least Jaden Smith isn’t involved.

    canthidium, avatar

    Haha, yes, definitely +1 for that.

    nevernevermore avatar

    Aww heck, I think Jaden and Willow are both pretty cool (their parents, not so much). Everybody has an akward teenage phase, his just couldn't be hidden because he's will smith's son.

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