Ever had something spoiled for you in the opening credits?

I was watching a film yesterday (went in blind) and during the opening credits I saw something along the lines of “Special effects artist for the Creature”. I had no idea the movie was going to have a creature in it before reading that, so when it was eventually revealed later in the film I was kinda annoyed that I knew it was coming. Would have been pretty cool to have it sprung on me out of the blue, because there were no hints during the preceding part of the film that anything supernatural or weird was happening.

It got me thinking about what other films contain spoilers in the opening credits. Do you have any other examples?


Naruto is bad for this at times. They use opening credit animations that reveal things that will happen during the current story segment. They should have staggered it by one segment so that it would show important things to know about from the previous segment, not spoil stuff yet to come in the current one.

Like big enough things that I won’t mention them here because they are massive spoilers.


Anime does this a lot with the episode names.

Previously on ANIMESHOW: Oh no, Thompson has been captured by the Brookdale Pirates, will his friends be able to rescue him?

Episode 72: Thompson gets murdered by the Brookdale Pirates!


I always wondered why a lot of animes have previews at the end. I'm watching hunter x hunter again, and at the end you'd see part of the next episode, and at the beginning you see part of the last episode. If you wanna speedrun, you can watch the first and last 2 minutes.


Maybe episode padding. I’ve wondered the same about the flashbacks in some animes. Again, Naruto is bad for this. There’s some scenes that are shown like a dozen times, any time there’s a reference to it. It’s annoying because they respect their audience in some ways that a lot of western media doesn’t (like putting effort into strategy and tactics to avoid “why didn’t they just do x instead?”), but then act like viewers have no memory of what has happened previously (sometimes Naruto has flashbacks from the same episode, even).


The last mission impossible movie had opening credits which were just the highlights of what you were about to watch. It was pretty annoying.


Not a movie, but a book I started reading had a forward by the author that said he doesn’t like that he killed off a main character 100 pages in. Wtf.

CitizenKong, (edited )

If you ever watch Dark City (great movie btw), be careful to watch the Director’s Cut. In the original version of the movie the opening narration spoils the entire story. It was added by Warner Bros. against the director’s will after test audiences were confused about the plot.

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Not in the opening credits, but a lot of BBC dramas have a “Next” section at the end of each program. It’s sort of a trailer for the next episode, but, like many trailers, it contains spoilers.

I have no idea why they do it.


That m night movie about a culture living in the woods.

We called the plot within seconds of the movie starting.


I don’t remember the opening of the film, but I remember calling the plot based on the trailer.

The movie was fine, but the twist was obvious.


Like that trailers do?


The hulk reveal in Thor Ragnarok pisses me off to this day.

That would have been so cool to be surprised by!

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Just curious as to what movie that was…

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Possession (1981)

Most of the movie is about

spoilera couple and their young son going through a divorce, along with severe bouts of mental illness and destructive behaviour. Enough of it that it would earn the “horror” genre tag on its own.

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Oh, yeah, I could see where that would be a spoiler…

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Oh, banger movie.

@TheRaven@lemmy.ca avatar

The Bear. The whole series took a violent turn when the grizzly showed up.

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It’s been a long time since I watched the theatrical cut of Dark City but IIRC, there’s a narration by Keither Sutherland that explains a lot of the premise.

I think it’s better in the director’s cut which removes this and you discover the story as you watch the film.


I actually saw the theatrical release when it was in theaters but was like a minute late walking in and luckily missed that part, so it didn’t get spoiled for me. Watching the movie though and knowing I was late, I kept thinking I had missed something crucial, but guess it worked out well.


In case you’re interested, his name is spelled Kiefer.

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Sorry, autocorrect on the phone strikes again.


Uh, your phone autocorrected an existing name to a made-up name?

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It would probably help if I tried spelling it correctly in the first place. 😁


I’m sorry for the passive-aggression. I was trying to be helpful in case you really didn’t know the correct spelling, but I didn’t need to tease you about autocorrect.

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No worries, I thought it was all going to kick off Reddit style. I hated posting there because someone usually found something negative to say.


My phone corrects existing names to stupid brand names. No need to be hostile anyway. It’s just spelling.

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