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Well…the animation style is similar to the style seen in Japanese anime, but it wasn’t produced by a Japanese company, so it isn’t a Japanese Anime…but it is an anime because it is animated.

Does that make sense?



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If you go by the meaning of the word, being an visual style, or by the japanese definition, just a short term for animation. Then yes, it is an anime.

If you go by the popular meaning of the word, animation made in Japan. Then no, it isn't.

It doesn't really matter, enjoy whatever you like and let others do the same.


So The Last Unicorn and The Flight of Dragons are anime by the popular meaning of the word?

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I don't see why not. They were produced by a japanese company (although only partially). But if you don't want them to be, then they are not. In the end it all comes down to personal preferences, where no one can be wrong.


i guess that depends on how pedantic we want to be.

the last unicorn was animated by a japanese company, but written and directed by us americans. original voice performance was also done by non japanese people.

so if we say that a anime has to be a animated movie made by japanese people, then no, the last unicorn is not a anime.

if we say a anime is a animated movie where japanese people were responsible for the animation then yes, the last unicorn is a anime.

if we say anime is a genre descriptor and not a geographical label i wonder if avatar the last airbender or the castlevania animated series are anime and how ghost in the shell and my neighbor totoro both fit in their.


It’s just a sparkling animation movie unless it’s made in Japan by Japanese.


not a native speaker, so what does “sparkling” entail here?

i only know the word when talking about fizzy water, jewelery or twillight vampires :D

and would you say tlu is anime?

it was animated by japanese people in japan after all.


Haha it’s just a meme. They say champagne is only from the French region of champagne, otherwise it’s called sparkling wine.


It isn’t. However, it is mildly animish




Code Lyoko is a French production that is merely inspired by Anime. So, no.

Anime is produced by the Japanese. Everything else is just sparkling animation.

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The Japanese consider all animations anime.

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