How to watch Wheel of Time season 2 online: Release date and time

Release schedule:

Friday, September 1: Episodes 1-3 "A Taste of Solitude," "Strangers and Friends," and "What Might Be"
Friday, September 8: Episode 4 "Daughters of the Night"
Friday, September 15: Episode 5
Friday, September 22: Episode 6
Friday, September 29: Episode 7
Friday, October 6: Episode 8


Such a horrible “adaptation” of a great work.


Why would I want to though?


They went with the game of thrones final season strategy of hoping everyone is watching in a very dark room with a good high contrast TV for so many scenes. I love playing the squint my eyes and try to figure out who’s talking game.


3 episodes on launch, then one per week?




Wow, it got a second season?


I think thats fair. This allows them to demonstrate a season that isn’t fucked by covid.


It wasn’t fucked by covid, it was fucked by Rafe.


Out of all adaptation on a scale of Lord of the rings to The Watch it was fine. It was serviceable show with room to grow. The show did Mat Cauthon a bit dirty but I am willing to forgive because his actor didnt come back after covid shut down and they had to do a bunch of weird editing with old footage.


It was fucked by Robert Jordan.

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If you go watch now and tell your friends it might get a third! Those early numbers are important to the stupid execs.

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It was pre-approved on launch for 3 seasons at minimum. It's locked in at least that far.


That doesn’t mean anything anymore. Channels have been canceling things that were previously set for renewal. With the strikes, this might get worse.


Hell, studios have been cancelling things that are already filmed and totally complete.


As someone who has not read the books (started but never finished book 1), I’m enjoying not having to worry about how the show is “ruining” the books.

The first season was clearly a bit clumsy, but also completely drew me into the world … I’m definitely going to want to check out season 2!

But also … to all the book-readers … my sympathies.


Knowing it’s different from the books is a selling point. The books are bad.


But also … to all the book-readers … my sympathies.

Thank you. The show was a colossal disappointment for me. I couldn’t even finish the season. It was so boring, and had a very different tone than the books.

dreadgoat avatar

I'm a huge book fan, and I have to say that book purists are the worst.

The show has made some changes that I don't love, and some of the characters aren't portrayed as I imagined, but for the most part it has been wonderful to see one of my favorite fantasy series brought to life, and to be able to enjoy this world with new fans. I always expect screen adaptions to make creative changes, since things that work in a book just don't work on screen sometimes, and I'd say the changes and presentations have been pretty sensible for the most part.

For every change I dislike there's at least one I appreciate, and all of the actors are killing it (with what they are given at least, looking at you weird Lan funeral scene). I'm looking forward to how they handle the story going forward!


I hate all the instant hate and the martyrs out there crying about the changes they made. I feel like most of them were necessary. The actors are killing it. And book two onwards will have a far better story than the first book which in my opinion is one of the worst ones. Very excited for this season

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Book purists in general are at least the definition of letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. I think my "favorite" group is Halo fans. For some of them, you'd think their multiplayer centric FPS franchise and work-for-hire pulp tie-in novels were some glorious combination of Frank Herbert and James Joyce. The show was a bit silly and the plotline on the desert planet took WAY too long to say only a little, but it's a perfectly acceptable space opera show that took the aesthetics and basic setting of Halo and kept it completely recognizable.


Agreed. I love the Halo games but their stories unedited wouldn’t make a great TV show. The TV show we got wasn’t great either…it could’ve been better, but it was fine overall. The action scenes were particularly good, I thought. That’s when it felt the most like Halo. Probably because Halo is primarily a guy in a big suit shooting aliens.

The desert planet stuff with what’s her name was way too much though, definitely need much less of that if there’s a season 2.


Halo tv show was terrible, even as a non halo show.

But comparing it with the games and the book, it shits on any established elements, making every character unrecognisable, rewriting everything including well established lore and so on. The moment I saw “Reach city” I knew the rest of it was going to be terrible and yeah it really was terrible.

It was a poorly written irrelevant TV show, not really based on anything established in the franchise, and only using Halo as set dressing.

Only good thing about it was that the armours looked really nice.


They thought showing master cheeks would distract us from simply taking his helmet off. I guess they weren’t wrong?


I hadn’t read the books when Season 1 came out and didn’t really care for the show because I thought it felt like a rushed story. There characters didn’t really feel complex enough and the Aes Sedai felt like a joke of a community to me.

Not having read the books I didn’t understand why they were so popular after watching the series. It felt pretty generic to me.

Since then I’m through 11.5 of the books and I can understand why it felt rushed. Many of the characters were changed for the worst. Rand just accepting his fate early on is what I would consider a major change in the overall theme of the early character.

Honestly Moiraine and Lan are the only characters I felt didn’t get wrecked.

I understand condensing parts of a story to fit it in, there’s plenty of filler in the book that is just world building that could be removed. But the first season just felt poorly sequenced to me even before reading the books. I think LotR is a pretty good example of the pacing in the movies being an overall improvement for the big screen.


I’m really struggling to take this show as it is. I’ve read the books multiple times and can accept that things need to change for the screen, but some of the decisions the writers are making here are making are baffling.

Fundamental changes to the core systems of the world. Major character motivations and events.

I find myself asking, “What?” More then being sucked into the world. People are having things happen to them at such a breakneck place it’s a little hard to comprehend.

We’ll see if they can pull it together.


You’ve read 14 book series multiple times? That’s enormous investment that’s probably setting unrealistic expectations.

I’ve only started the first one to die out of boredom quickly so I can’t imagine repeatedly getting through a slog first few books supposedly are. My girlfriend read everything after the first season and once she was finished she did a re-watch which she enjoyed, in part because it’s different. Second season has higher production value but seems to be confusing with the amount of changes so far. I’m following along because the themes are interesting and there’s nothing so bad that would discourage me.

Even without reading everything it’s fair to assume that this couldn’t be a faithful adaptation. They’ll likely have to merge more story lines, characters, then remove some things entirely and it’ll still be a challenge to fit this into amount of seasons that’s reasonable to produce. The Expanse did plenty of that but it still had roughly a season per book, and that was with a book series that Bezos personally enjoys.

teft, avatar

It’s not a huge investment for someone who reads frequently. It took me 8 months to read them all and I wasn’t going super fast.


I’m not judging someone who read the entire series or those who did it multiple times. People are free to enjoy what they want. Regardless of that, doing 8 months multiplied by even 2-3 times is a considerable chunk of a human lifespan. It explains takes like “I don’t like the adaptation because it made too many changes” and it needs to be put into perspective. I’ve elaborated more on this in my other comment.



I hardly see how my enjoying the entire arch sets unrealistic expectations. As I said, I can accept changes for the medium’s and natural limitations sake. This show has gone beyond that, both in the first and this far in this season.

It’s a different story with the same names. That’s more my beef, than that things needed to be cut or merged.

Even the explanation of the One Power in the S2E1, drawing things out of what is already there is a pretty major shift from the books themselves.


“This series is 1:1 replica of a book” and “this series is only taking a passing inspiration from original books” are merely facts and a starting point to set expectations before moving on to describe and judge an adaptation. It’s okay to judge by comparing original to adaptation but “this is not a faithful adaptation, therefore it is bad” does not help in evaluating quality of derived work.


In as much as Lord of the Rings we’re to be adapted about a Hobbit (who looks like a minotaur and hates grass) wearing a magical necklace (which grants him extra speed) on the way to a mythical hot springs guarded by unicorns would be a faithful adaptation.

You’re assuming that readers of the books are expecting to see their internal movie played out before them. I think most are expecting an adaptation. What they’re getting is an “Inspired by a true story” level of faithfulness to the original work.

I can only speak for myself, which is to say I’m fine with the changes in timeline, consolidation of enemies, etc. Yet there are fundamental changes to characters, motivations, etc. That drastically change who these people are. That’s where my disappointment lies.

I see why Brandon Sanderson wants creative control over his adaptations if/when they ever go to screen.


Agreed. One of my biggest complaints about the first season was how much time they wasted on subplots that didn’t exist in the books, trying to explain stuff that would have gotten covered later anyway with better, more established characters.

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Same. I’m willing to give season two a shot but I’m not sure how far I’ll watch since they did in my boy Uno. That man is supposed to be at the last battle, not suck starting a golden rhino horn.


I’m in the same boat. It’s as if they wanted to do original work but we’re scared of going “alone” without the bankability of big-name IP. They changed too much; the names are the same, but it’s not the story I recognize.

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How not to watch it: watch season 1.

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Really enjoyed the first season. I haven't seen the first 3 episodes yet but I hope they continue to escalate this story!


S2E1 was better than any episode of S1. They have really upped their game.


Yep … I’ve watched episode 1 and most of episode 2 … so far … I’m in. The writing and directing seems tight and effective and you get the strong sense of momentum in the plot.


I liked the first season. It wasn’t perfect, but still fine. Will definitely watch season 2 once I can binge it.

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