OC Looking for (paid) wedding playlist help!

Hey music nerds! I'm in the process of planning my low-budget wedding, and unfortunately a DJ is one of the things that does not fit into our price budget. So I have been creating two playlists - one which is more PG for the first half of the night, and one which is more raunchy for the late night party. I think I may need to split the first one into two separate lists; one for background music, and one for still PG dance music. I'm looking to pay someone to help me curate, add to, and order these playlists. Please take a look at the below description and Spotify links and let me know if its something you would be interested in helping with! Payment is dependent on level of detail and experience you bring, let me know what you would like.

I have a good start to them that should show our type of music; typical millennial throwbacks, some more modern Americana style music, hip hop, R&B, and classic rock. Also some context: she is from Texas and likes Trap, I am from the bay area and like Hyphy (in addition to all our shared likes listed above).

PG playlist:

Party playlist:

Please help! Wedding is in early September.


This is going to need to be centered around the ceremony as a whole, how many people are leaving when and their ages, if you're expected to dance with the bride, and if there's an explicit break between when the PG playlist ends and the party playlist begins.

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Thanks for your reply! All attendees are old enough to not worried about having to have clean versions of tracks, no kids present. No 'first dance' with the bride, but we will be dancing together with people. There will be an explicit break from one playlist to the other, about 3 hours after the ceremony.

So pg playlist is 3+ hours long, party playlist is about 2 hours to be safe.

Its in a back yard setting, pretty casual feels.

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