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If you live in the United States, you should know about the USDA Plants Database! (

Identifying what plants are actually native to your area can be surprisingly tricky. A lot of info out there is state- (or even less helpfully, region-) specific, but if you live in a large and/or geographically diverse state what’s native in one corner may be completely foreign in another. There’s also a lot of information...

What to do with strip of land between driveway and neighbor?

I own this 1 ft wide, 30 ft long strip between my driveway and the neighbor’s property. It’s steeply angled the whole length due to my pavement being higher than the neighbor’s yard. Grass turf would be difficult and awkward to trim in this location. I would prefer to plant something native and perennial that won’t...

I have ~1000 native plants in pots that I've grown from seed. Any ideas on the best way to either sell them or get rid of them? Collaborations with organizations, etc.?

All seeds harvested within 100 miles and in same ecoregion. I have a nursery license and have sold some (at cost) at a few yard sales, but am looking to sell more or do a plant giveaway before winter. Have been looking for examples of others doing this and haven’t found much. Want to ensure people buying them/taking them...

My yard is full of fireflies!

Hope this is an acceptable contribution here. I've been converting areas of my Midwestern yard to native plant habitat for the past 2+ years. It's sparkling with fireflies tonight while the surrounding grass yards are dark. Gives me a bit of a boost to get ready for tackling the sprouts of pokeweed and thistle tomorrow.

Anyone have experience with wild bergamot? (North America, East Coast/Mid-Atlantic. USDA region 6)

This is the second year I’ve had them (Monarda fistulosa). I think they were already a season old by the time I planted them in my flower bed. I had also planted red beebalm (Monarda didyma) and spotted beebalm (Monarda punctata) in the same flower bed. Both of the latter flowered the first year and the red beebalm is already...

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