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What’s It like to Be a Giant Sequoia Tree? (

An art collective that creates immersive multimedia pieces about non-human subjectivity. I’m posting the TED talk bc when I looked, noting they had online seemed to be designed for online consumption, it’s all exhibits. I hope one day they make work intended to be consumed at home and not just in a few galleries a world...

Elin Thomas exhibition pieces, Pt. 1 (

Elin Thomas has used the “mold and lichen” motif on everything from clothing to book covers and more, but her exhibition pieces are arguably her most intriguing, because rather than using these individual elements as an accent, or simple adornment, these larger pieces capture the random distribution of colonies over an area,...

The Scientific Illustrations of Ernst Haeckel (

Are scientific illustrations natural process art? That is up for debate, but in my opinion any art that is based on direct observations of nature can be considered natural process art, so long as the intent is not only to illustrate an idea, or present a thing, but present it in an aesthetic, visually appealing way. The intent...

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