A Star Trek community where you're free to share opinions

Star_Trek is a safe harbour for Star Trek fans that may have found themselves on the receiving end of the ban hammer for daring to have an opinion that differed from the power mad mods on Reddit’s Star Trek sub and/or Lemmy’s own StarTrek.website.

You’re safe to like or dislike any show, character, writer, showrunner or episode here.

So come and discuss the greatest sci-fi franchise in history free from rogue mods on power trip.



xkforce, (edited )

I dont trust any community that specifically caters to people that were banned from another community and makes a point to have that as part of their identity. Because being banned doesn’t just include those that were unfairly banned but also the ones that were rightly banned and the latter will eventually drive out the former or theyll get kicked out again and create another “we were banned” community. I especially dont trust a community like this when ten forward already exists as an alternative.

MaddieTian, (edited )

Go have a read of the modlog on the communities on the startrek.website instance. You’ll see that almost none are justifiable bans and nearly are all for disagreeing with the mod’s opinions or calling them out for shitty behaviour.

It was the same story on Reddit too. The mods here are the same from the main Trek sub over there. There were rumours that they were Paramount employees as they had some control over the admins too. Getting new Star Trek subs taken down very quickly if they were saying too many negative things about the current shows.

If you see the type of posts and comments on my community you’ll see that they are all very civil and are able to share their true opinions without fear of a ban.

At the moment the community is being promoted as a safe harbour for victims of the mods on the other communities but that’s a necessary evil at the moment and we will develop our own identity over time.


This is like the 3rd or 4th star trek community (that I’ve seen) that’s been announced on this exact community, though. All with pretty much the same purpose. Why not just join one of the existing ones?


It’s the only one on Lemmy.zip and I can’t say it’s free from the other mods and people are completely free to share their opinions without being the one who sets the rules.

Besides I do have ideas for it to become a unique community over time.

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  • wahming,

    Isn’t this why !tenforward was created?


    I’m assuming this one has blackjack and/or hookers.

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    TenForward was created as an alternative to Risa, although we do allow discussion posts and news and such. For less memery and more serious?

    Well we’re working on that ;)

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    The drama and polarization of the star trek community on Lemmy is so weird!

    @Blaze@reddthat.com avatar

    It’s really a unique thing, fascinating


    Gene Roddenberry was a Communist and I miss the Communist ideals represented in his writing.

    @Stamets@lemmy.world avatar

    Gene wasn’t a Communist. I have no idea why people believe this. People keep saying it’s becauseTrek is insanely Communist but it’s just… Not? Everything isn’t owned by the state, people own land, etc.

    But back to Gene. His behavior alone shows he wasn’t a Communist. He wrote lyrics to the Trek theme that were never used so he’d have a writing credit and get kickbacks from the royalties. He set up a company to sell Trek merch but put it in his new wife’s name so his ex wife wouldnt get a claim on it as part of divorce proceedings. Dude leaned on everyone and destroyed relationships to make sure he had most creative control over the movies and TNG.

    Nothing about him was communist.


    Who told you Communism is when everything is owned by the state? Communism is when society becomes so technologically advanced and so abundant in resources that the state withers away and currency is no longer needed. So, you know, Star Trek. Also, his wife said he was a Communist

    @Stamets@lemmy.world avatar

    Communism is when society becomes so technologically advanced and so abundant in resources that the state withers away and currency is no longer needed.

    Okay, so not Star Trek then as there is explicitly a state. The Federation itself has its own mandates and laws but every individual planet is governed as well. The Federation is a Representative Republic that has an election every 4 years.

    Also, his wife said he was a Communist

    Actions speak louder than words and his actions blatantly demonstrate that he was not a communist.

    Roddenberry, fearing that he would not make money off of Trek, wrote lyrics to the song, without any intention of using them, to get half the royalties—money that should have gone to Courage. Courage was so furious that he never returned to work on Star Trek (Deezen). Roddenberry, unapologetic, continued to see more and more profits from the franchise, becoming very wealthy over the years. The irony is that Roddenberry identified as a communist, according to his wife Majel Barrett-Roddenberry (Bennett). One would expect someone who identified as a communist, a bold label to adopt during the Cold War, to go to greater lengths to avoid such a serious income gap between himself and his employees.


    Currency was even a thing during TOS, something that often gets ignored. Federation Credits. Credits which were used to entice bounty hunters to go after specific targets, to purchase highly unique items and used to pay for the training of crewmen. Kirk bitches about how much it costs to train Spock at one point. Kirk even gave Scotty ‘a weeks bonus pay’ for getting the phasers up and running when dealing with the Doomsday machine. Think all that ended in TOS? Well, no. Federation Credits were still used constantly in TNG. The Barzans and their wormhole. The Federation was willing to cough up over a million credits then and there plus another 100k every year after that to get rights to the wormhole. More examples on top of that that are not exactly difficult to find.

    Nothing about Trek is ‘communist’ and it’s often wildly misunderstood to be so. Very little about Gene was communist other than a claim from his wife after the man had died. And something that he never really demonstrated at any point in his life.


    It’s okay to believe in communism and still engage in capitalism because you’re living in a capitalist society. Obviously there’s only so much I can gleam without having known the guy myself. But, that being said, I’m a Communist and as a Communist, I know what Communist dog whistling sounds like and I know that, at the very least, season 1 on TNG is chock full of Communist dog whistling

    @Stamets@lemmy.world avatar

    There’s a difference between believing in communism and being a Communist. You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

    As for Communist dog whistling in Season 1… Care to provide examples? Hard to refute something without examples.

    Trek overall though isn’t Communist. There are too many glaring inconcsistencies to claim the Federation as being Communist. It’s a post-scarcity socialism.


    Post scarcity socialism sure as shit sounds like Communism to me. In fact, one of the most important things when evolving from socialism to Communism is eliminating scarcity

    @Stamets@lemmy.world avatar

    Right. “That’s actually the same as what I said because one of the words in what you said is partially relevant to what I said.”

    This conversation is pointless if you’re not going to subscribe to reality.



    You should learn what communism actually is. It’ll probably help with your arguments in the future. Read a book.


    I wasn’t a fan of the prequels

    @shnizmuffin@lemmy.inbutts.lol avatar

    There aren’t any power-mad mods on startrek.website. It’s okay to just call a community “/c/trek4assholes”


    If you really need a whole lemmy community dedicated to just you, by all means, feel free to create it. 8-D


    Go say you dislike Discovery or you like Picard S3 and see what happens.

    Or just read the modlog. It’s a real eye opener.


    I commented that I wanted to move Discovery out of main cannon a few days ago. It was controversial but the comment is still there and it has positive karma.

    @princessnorah@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

    Just Discovery, but not Strange New Worlds? I’m intrigued now…


    I think there’s arguments to made that all of the modern Trek from 2009’s abysmal movie to the present day does actually take place in the Kelvin Timeline.

    There’s so many inconsistencies with established canon that can’t all be put down to bad writing.

    So Nemesis would still be the most recent events we’ve seen in the prime timeline.


    Inconsistencies with old canon doesn’t necessarily equal to bad writing.

    MaddieTian, (edited )

    The sheer volume of inconsistencies in Discovery can only be explained by bad writing. Plus the stories in seasons 2 - 4 are shockingly bad.

    Stamets, (edited )
    @Stamets@lemmy.world avatar

    First, sheer.

    Second, There are no inconsistencies.

    This is a line that is plastered CONSTANTLY but cannot be backed up with any actual examples. The only ones you could potentially argue are all covered within the show itself, stuff like why the spore drive isn’t known about or why Burnham isn’t talked about as a family member. Otherwise everything lines up. Even the holograms.

    Also whether or not a season is bad has no bearing or relevance on what timeline something might take place in. Otherwise the first couple seasons of TNG are all Kelvin too. Not to mention that its your opinion that its bad, not fact.

    Your behavior in this thread leads me to believe you won’t be a moderate mod in comparison but just the same in the opposite direction.

    MaddieTian, (edited )

    Just to address your last sentence.

    Your behavior in this thread leads me to believe you won’t be a moderate mod in comparison but just the same in the opposite direction.

    While I do disagree with your opinion and think you come across here as unnecessarily aggressive your post would stay on the community as ALL opinions are welcome. Not just ones that align with my personal opinions.

    In fact I’d welcome and enjoy a polite discussion about our differing opinions if you’d care to join the community.

    You would be politely asked to reign in the aggressiveness though.

    @Stamets@lemmy.world avatar

    Funny. You’d be asked the same in my community. You are incredibly hostile and aggressive with your opinions. I don’t trust that in a moderator. It exists enough over on Startrek.website.

    But if I needed any proof at all that you are identical to the mods over there it’s you thinking that an opinion on your moderation style is “aggressiveness”. Funny how that’s exactly the type of stuff that their mods remove people over. Have an opinion on our mod style? Get silenced by being banned from the instance or from the community. You are already walking down that path by thinking “An opinion on my behavior as a moderator is aggressive and must be reigned in” isn’t trustworthy.


    I wouldn’t ban you for your comments and this post is aggressive too.

    I do find it strange that you call out my opinion thinking you’re aggressive and a mod shouldn’t think that and also do the exact same thing yourself.

    @Stamets@lemmy.world avatar

    I never stated that you would ban me. I said you were on the same path with the same mindset. You react to opinion about your behavior as a moderator the exact same way that the mods of that other community does. No matter how much you want to pretend that it is, saying that someone doesn’t believe in your ability to be impartial isn’t aggressive. It is merely an opinion about your behavior and how you would be able to take criticism. Your immediate reaction of “Be more polite” is quite telling. Instead of questioning why and trying to take feedback and criticism as a mod should, you immediately became defensive.

    I do find it strange that you call out my opinion thinking you’re aggressive and a mod shouldn’t think that and also do the exact same thing yourself.

    Well, the difference here is that I merely voiced a basic opinion about your behavior as a moderator and you immediately reacted by effectively saying “Be nicer to me”. You actively insulted multiple people who were involved in the production and projected your opinion as fact. Those two do not equate.

    Nonetheless I’ve wasted enough time on this as it is. I’ve seen exactly what I needed to. A low resolution photocopy of /c/StarTrek@startrek.website. More than enough to get me to pass. Heavily.


    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that makes sense. The planet Vulcan was destroyed in that 2009 movie. It exists and changed in Discovery.

    @dohpaz42@lemmy.world avatar

    Where’s the mod log?

    livus avatar

    @dohpaz42 here's one of them. If you sort by removed comments or removed posts you get the picture.

    @ChunkMcHorkle@lemmy.world avatar

    Holy shit. I hadn’t seen that one. Thanks for the link.


    Thanks, now I know I got banned for “trolling”, which is really funny because I will troll from tine to time as a joke, but never about trek or in a trek sub

    DerisionConsulting, (edited )

    In an instance, it’s the green button at the bottom of the sidebar for the specific community, and the one for the whole instance is below the sidebar.


    Yeah, I had the audacity to say “I prefer new worlds and lower decks vs discovery” and suddenly every comment I made was removed and every new comment I posted including the one asking why they were removed, were removed


    Wtf are you going on about? Hating Discovery is the vanilla of star trek opinions.


    And something that the mods on startrek.website and the Reddit sub simply don’t allow, often removing negative comments under the “be constructive” excuse.

    It’s a similar situation if you heap too much praise on season 3 of Picard and/or Terry Matalas.

    And don’t dare try to criticise Alex Kurtzman on their community. I was insta banned for saying that I believe Kurtzman is the worst thing to ever happen to the franchise.

    WeirdAlex03, (edited )
    @WeirdAlex03@lemmy.zip avatar

    Haven’t had any interactions with ST.W personally, but I feel tempted to share the testimony of someone who begs to differ (@Stamets of !tenforward): lemmy.zip/post/9940581

    Jennykichu, (edited )

    “The real harassment is when someone reported harassment in the community I moderate”

    My heart breaks for what he has endured 😢


    Typo in your link, FYI

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