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Iran warns it will strike again with greater force if Israel or US retaliate

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President Biden made it clear to Netanyahu that the US would not engage in any offensive operations against Iran.

Biden told Netanyahu to cool it.

Biden is trying to be the patient parent of two rowdy children - Israel and Iran.

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@Free_Press Unfortunately, we've been a way too permissive "parent" of Israel.

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Supporters of the Iranian regime watch the launch of ballistic missiles towards Israel tonight.

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Not Iranians, but the Islamic republic fellows!

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@danialbehzadi Excellent point. Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate you. - Aure

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Iran fires 200+ drones, missiles at Israel in first-ever direct attack

IDF downing THEM before they reach Israel!

Sirens and booms heard throughout Israel

US and Jordan down Iranian UAVs en route to Jewish state

Iran-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon and Yemen’s Houthis also launch attacks

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Does the Iron Dome still exist? Does it stop drones?

Bam, avatar

@FallsMom @Free_Press

Yes, but the goal of the IRGC was to overwhelm it with so many drones that it would allow cruise and ballistic missiles to get through the defenses.

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"Israel has informed the Americans and regional governments that its response is imminent.

Its military measures could include launching drones into Iran and long-range airstrikes against Iran, possibly against military bases or nuclear facilities."

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Middle East Conflict

Saudi Arabia has expressed concern about the escalation in the region and asks parties to the conflict to show restraint.

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I hate to admit it, this is what I want to see. Sadly it might be less than useless coming from Saud.

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@nlpbot Jenzi, thank you for your comment.

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Official video of the Israeli army

"This video obviously took some time to create and was created prior to Iran's strike.

I believe Netanyahu's right-wing government has been planning these events for some time.

Did Iran just open the door to a full-scale Israeli attack against Iran?"

I'm afraid of the answer."


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Prime Minister Netanyahu President Biden are currently talking on the phone about events tonight.

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@Free_Press Netanyahu must be very satisfied- his vision for a regional conflict with Iran is finally coming together.

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@didgebaba James, like you, I think that was his plan all along... Now, what's next?

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Russia Is Buying Politicians in Europe. Is It Happening Here Too?

A former CIA officer explains how a vast, pro-Putin corruption network uncovered in Europe is a warning sign for the U.S.


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The impact of two Iranian missiles somewhere in the vicinity of Israel.


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IDF lifts order for Israelis to stay near safe rooms, indicating Iran attack over for now

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Israel's military cabinet gives the green light to a powerful military response to the Iranian regime.

Iran fired more than 200 missiles and drones at Israel.

The defense ministers of the USA and Israel are actively communicating right now.

A conversation between the heads of state is also being prepared.

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Report of an explosion at an Iranian base from which missiles were launched into Israel.

At the moment there is no known attack from Israel.

There is the possibility that it is a missile that exploded during launch.

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