Ryan McBeth talks about this all the time, especially DIP (deceptive imagery persuasion). His shorts are tight and insightful.

Here's a recent article he was promoting by disinformation researcher Caroline Bueno, in this case in reference to Russian disinformation efforts around the Hawaii wildfires.

They really, really know how to manipulate the (admittedly extremely credulous) American right-wing social media and media outlets. They play them like a fiddle. Not that it's hard to do, but it is disheartening how well they do it.

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Don't forget that they're more than able to manipulate the online left as well. It's not as if getting the left to fight itself is particularly challenging.

Just ask the Lemmy developers about the imperative of removing Nazis from power in Ukraine, to name the lowest hanging fruit. There's a chunk of the left that will believe essentially anything that supports a general narrative of "America bad". I remember reading a report on how Russian operatives organized pro and anti Black Lives Matter rallies in the same cities during the summer of 2020, just to maximize the chaos and division.

I'm very much not trying to 'le both sides" this; obviously online leftists are a much less prominent political force than our grandparents on Facebook. But they absolutely do know what strings to pull and what narratives to push to target people of any and all political persuasions, and we shouldn't forget that.

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This just in: Water is wet!

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Is any American surprised at this point that Russia has been trying to influence our opinions or national narrative? We need a kick-ass federal task force to step in and right the wrongs of the people who are turning Americans against their own country. If this sounds like com-chatter to you then you are a victim of it.


Not going to happen because the GOP is likely on their payroll. Makes sense why there’s a “growing discussion” about not funding Ukraine from them .

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Makes sense why there’s a “growing discussion” about not funding Ukraine from them

Probably, since GOP are greedy sleazeballs with none of Jesus's empathy for others - but them being in Russia's pocket is not the only factor. Financially Russia can continue the war for probably another decade without much damage to their economy. Ukraine not so much. Ukraine's only sustaining its war effort due to international financial assistance and the borrowing's ballooning their deficit, which they likely will never be able to pay back and will have to default on. There are other factors at play that could damage Russia's economy, like a drop in workforce, but for now it's a losing financial bet for any country to keep funding Ukraine's war effort. Ukraine needs to have some serious progress in retaking its territory within the next year or so and if they do not there's a good chance the war is over for them.

I'm merely playing devil's advocate btw. Republicans and Putin suck.


I hear their talking points all over. From insane youtube tankies who were paid by Russia such as Caleb Maupin. To elected Republican representatives who simp for Authoritarians.

In this case, it seems not to be working so well. Anybody who “wants peace negotiations with Russia” will soon admit that they want to appease Russia by giving up Ukrainian territory.

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I'm sure that some of them are willingly spreading the propaganda. Example, Tucker Carlson.


This a deja Vu moment..only the UI is different.


What!? No? I’m shocked I tell you!

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the proper wording is witless.

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