@originalucifer@moist.catsweat.com avatar

will they bring back the quality? ever since the bankruptcy their shit is just not worth it.

HubertManne avatar

oh it went to crap way before the bankruptcy.


Huh, really goes to show how insulary our social circles can be. I struggle think of a time anyone I know has ever bought a Twinkies, let alone its ownership would sell for a hotly-contended 5.6 billion.

@dingus@lemmy.ml avatar

Ah yes, just in time to fuck up the recipes even more through cost cutting!

Not to say that the original Twinkie recipe wasn’t just some kind of industrial waste, but you get my drift. These kind of buyouts literally never result in a higher quality product. It’s just one more thing for J.M. Smucker to drive into the ground for profit.


Sounds good. All the more reason not to eat this garbage.

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