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So much for the report that they wanted to tone down the craziness of the campaign to make her more electable.


Trashy trash going to be trashy.


If it was a reputable theater she would have had her own Booth.




Private boxes are standard in opera houses, not so much in Broadway-style theatres. Even high end ones.


I honestly can’t remember when I heard that name the last time since i don’t use reddit anymore.


Honestly, it's probably best to remember these people if you're politically engaged. They're the ones representative of the future of the Republican party. They're the ones who are pushing for all this fact-free Biden impeachment stuff. They're the ones who want to make sure teens are pregnant and trans people are dead. They're a window into a future of the country -- what little we have given their idea of governance -- that will happen if we let them.


So embarrassing.

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