The preparations come after the company was sued by the US government in April over its failure to detect what the Department of Justice called "red flags" around its filling of prescriptions for opioids and other painkillers.

No wonder my pharmacist balks at my prescription for Vicodin. And meanwhile, I'm in too much pain to sleep, just from lumbar back pain & sciatica.


Do you also bring in Vicodin prescriptions from 7 other doctors and refill them all at the same time?


Hell no. I have a low dosage script, doc monitors closely and I don't abuse. I don't WANT to take pain meds regularly, but I must sleep, so I take my small dosage 3-4 times a week at bedtime. Then I sleep with less pain, not zero pain. But because it's ongoing for years, occasionally I end up on some pharmacist radar. Last time I had to pay out of pocket, they said insurance wouldn't cover this time.

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Oh man that’s terrible all around. Sorry to hear/read you are going through that Izzgo! A friend of mine had some kind of nerve searing procedure that helped with that kind of pain, any options in that space?


Nerve searing, never heard of that! I may have to look into it, thanks for the info :)

edit Ahhhh Google tells me it's called nerve ablation, sounds interesting. Much appreciate the info.

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