Folks, pay attention. This is how long the gears of justice take to turn. This couple was wronged almost 10 years ago and only now are they getting some compensation.

Do not let these people into power, their atrocities will be dust in the wind by the time they face a jury.


One thing I love about the GOP is to see them constantly abandon their pawns. Kim Davis, Joe the Plumber, Kyle Rittenhouse, etc.... All of these people were mainstage for their 15 minutes of fame and the moment the GOP had wrung them out for all the outrage bait they can generate, they get left in the deep end to fend for themselves.

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Fine. Let her appeal. I’ll enjoy reading about her losing again.

bloopernova, avatar

I wish Jesus was real so he could visit this hateful harridan and tell her just how badly she misinterpreted his teachings.


How many groups of people people do I have to hate to join their church? Seriously, they’re a religion of hate. I feel like I’m too nice for that hatred they tend to spew. I have no issues and encourage faith and spiritual growth but fuck those religious organizations that corrupt the essence and spirit of my soul

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How many groups of people people do I have to hate to join their church?

Just 1. Lump the world into "us" and "them" and you've only got to hate "them" to get in.

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If Jesus came back the same people that rever him would nail him back on the cross and tell him to shut the fuck up.

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they'd consider him a woke commie libtard.

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