Oh, fuck these companies.

I really hope their employees push back on this bullshit.


Media companies should just focus on making high quality entertainment instead of preaching politics. I think it's obvious the damage it's done to their brand by not adhering to that principle.

ampersandrew avatar

Is it? It's obvious that it upset the people who run the state of Florida, but high quality entertainment very frequently comes bundled with some kind of politics, because that entertainment is usually a snapshot of the feelings of the people in the age that created it. I'm not sure which properties you find preachy, but the last thing I remember conservatives being upset about was a gay kiss in a Buzz Lightyear movie or something.


Disney knew what they were doing and that it went too far or they wouldn't have made this statement. The company never cared about LGBTQ, diversity or feminism, they were just pandering and it backfired.

AngrilyEatingMuffins avatar

Showing two people kissing is, “going too far” and “pushing politics” only to fascists like you.


The vast majority clearly agree otherwise Disney wouldn't be in such financial trouble.

AngrilyEatingMuffins, (edited )
AngrilyEatingMuffins avatar

holy shit the brainwashing is in real. "such financial trouble" DISNEY?!


jesus christ you are too stupid and susceptible to be allowed to exist uncritically in society. straight up.

market cap of 170 billion fucking dollars

fucking nazis are too comfortable. doesn't even deny being a fascist. time to arm the fuck up again, kids.


Lmao they are definitely in financial trouble. They've admitted it themselves and this statement is clearly a result of their financial troubles. Keep dreaming though. If this direction was so profitable then they wouldn't be publicly making this statement.

ampersandrew avatar

They knew that they were implementing a gay kiss because there's such a thing as gay couples in the world? Including parents of plenty of kids who'd go to see that movie? What part was too far?

PenguinJuice, (edited )

If I were to guess, people have a problem with sexuality and what they consider advanced sexual topics, on the nose diversity, and feminism at the cost of incompetent or subservient male characters being in their family films.

I think people prefer content such as Toy Story, Bugs Life, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, etc. These were good films that had a universal, moral message without having to do with politics or controversies.

Itty53 avatar

Bo Peep and Woody flirting isn't universal ... and being unwed, the sexual innuendo presents a double standard. But that's not politics to you.

But make her a him, call him Beau Peep and change nothing else in the same sentence? "Politics". Ugh.


And yet you didn't see parents complaining about hetero couples kissing... 🤔

This is 100% a bigotry issue, they're just using sexuality as their cudgel to attack the LGBT+ community.

ampersandrew avatar

Is it an advanced sexual topic when a hetero married couple, like a child protagonist's parents, have a similar quick peck on the lips? Because if so, that seems overly prudish, and if not, the people who have a problem with it can grow up. To my knowledge, having not seen the movie, that kiss was really only showing that they had someone important in their lives, and I know that Bo Peep could get away with kissing Woody in Toy Story 1 with no controversy at all. There's also still politics within Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo without looking very hard, and I seem to remember the extremely political Wall-E being wildly popular with audiences and critics, even if I didn't care for it.


It's okay to be prudish when it comes to families and children. They don't need to grow up. If you want to make movies that are not overly prudish and targeted at children you are more than welcome to. No one is stopping you.

ampersandrew avatar

Disney movies have had pecks on the lips since the beginning of time. Presumably these children's parents kiss in front of them the same way all the time.

Itty53 avatar

He's a fascist troll. Block him. Check his history. Classic "rack up reputation in game subs and then spam right wing hate speech everywhere else". Dude is a total fash troll, again, block him. Fedi works best when we block those guys because just responding to them is spreading their messages through your network.


Agreed. These people are psychotic fascists that need to push their sexual obsessions onto children or "they will die." It's sickening. I'm glad this site is not a reflection of the real world.

Chetzemoka avatar




ampersandrew avatar

I mean, yeah, the happy marriages.

TipRing avatar

Sleeping Beauty was a racy sexual culture war statement.

be_excellent_to_each_other avatar

Remember folks, there's one cultural detail you can already see emerging at mastodon, firefish, bluesky, lemmy, kbin, beehaw, etc. A much more vocal advocacy for "block first, ask questions later."

Don't engage. Block. Let the fascist bigots find themselves with no one to talk to but each other.

In the old days we called that "don't feed the trolls."


Yes. If they won't let us have the children like we want, we must silence them!

roofuskit avatar

When two straight people kiss in a movie does that mean a company is pushing "the straight agenda"?


Ah yes. Media companies should produce stories with literally no point or purpose! Just like they always have!


They are more than welcome to, but clearly there isn't a large enough audience who wants to see those types of movies, let alone subject their children to it.


Representation is incredibly important.

If your solution is don’t show gay couples because it upsets homophobic people then that’s fucking stupid.

Black people had to fight a similar battle to be included in the media. Should they have bent to the racists as well in your opinion?

We know the racists are on the wrong side of history. And anyone sensible knows homophobes and transphobes are as well.

StarServal avatar

Worked for Bud Light

...oh wait

ampersandrew avatar

It didn't take Kid Rock much time at all to get back with his ex.

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