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Authoritarian fascists are not coming, they’re here. They must be stopped! ✊

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Considering everyone who:

  • was allowed to vote even without proper identification
  • applied for mail-in ballots using addresses under overpasses
  • modified ballot counts throughout the night after counting had "stopped"
  • hauled suitcases of ballots down to counting centers
  • inexplicably tossed ballots in the trash at polling places that were found days later by later users of the facility
  • tampered with tabulating machines

then had the gall to decry the backlash and run it through that kangaroo court they called a commission, I couldn't agree with you more. For Pete's sake, their boy barely attracted a soul to his rallies.

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It is a propaganda machine. X does it too. And I believe YouTube is allowing it too. (Check me on this one).


I may be mistaken, but I personally think they do that for money and for money only. They don’t have political views and no principles.


Oh, they have political views, just not the same as we think of them. They are, as you aptly summed up, about money. They want less taxes, less oversight, etc. Guess which party has been giving that to them? They couldn't give two shits if the Middle East became the flash point for WWIII and could lead to global nuclear annihilation as long as next quarter's profits are higher than last quarters. They'd happily run ads endorsing slavery if it would make them a buck. What they have is a lack morals and ethics because those things get in the way of the line constantly going up.

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